Discussion: GRAPHIC VIDEO: Police Raid On The Kosher Market In Paris Attacks

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I was expecting more ninja. Or at least a fat democrat trapped on a toilet.

That one person running thru the door that police entered and who was apparently shot had to have been a hostage, right? What terrorist would try and go out the same door? They had the same body language of the hostages: trying to cover themselves.

The narrator says it’s the terrorist. When they went in he opened fire, so presumably they knew it was him. I guess he just freaked out and thought he could run through the rain without getting wet. Grim, grim stuff.


Ah, thanks for the translation.

Well, I’m never going to work for the UN but it seemed clear what she was saying. I know what you mean, it seems crazy to try to run out like that, but from other coverage it was obvious, as you’d expect, that they had the other entrances covered and were ready to go in or take him if he tried to come out. If he didn’t want to surrender, then he didn’t have many options. The American stereotype of the French as prissy, arty wimps is something of a misconception.

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Banzai attack.