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During the commercial break she then asked “Who the hell is this guy?” and “Why should anyone care about his opinion?” and, most importantly, “Did your momma teach you to be an idiot, Kate, or did you learn this on your own?”


I view it as borderline sexism that someone would ask Jennifer Granholm how she responds to something a rapper said.

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Well, at least, borderline stupidity.


Well, I admittedly keep MSNBC on as background noise and Kate Snow might be a nice person but why anyone thought she would be a good host is beyond me.

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Naa, Granholm is much classier than that. She basically schooled her on the air without her even knowing it was happening. That’s how Granholm works.

She looked almost chastised by the end for asking such an unbelievably stupid question. Though it might have been a look of puzzlement like “Did she just smack me down? While being polite about it??”


Come on everyone, he did say he was not sexist right at the beginning…

Granholm used the Texas vernacular with Kate : “Bless your heart!”

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“”""“The MSNBC host asked Granholm if she thought people might not vote for Clinton because she’s a woman”"""

Was that a question or the guy just getting his hopes up?

Why is that?

MSNBC continues to fuck up big time. Who is Kate Snowe? She is boring! Fire Joe and Mika, rehire Joy Reid and Keith and Ed and Alex and Krystal Ball. All the people viewers really enjoy watching. It is like watching a soft version of Fox.