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Sums up the situation.

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Are they afraid others will enter the fray? The three who started this are dead.

I’m thinking you have to consider the time difference. Paris is 6 hours ahead in terms of daylight savings time (EST), so that means that Shabbat, which arrives at sundown, had to be taken into consideration earlier when the situation was still highly volatile.


When 9-11 happened, I heard people say that irony was dead. Josh Marshall worried today about the future of Jews in France, as have others. This is a terrible day, but cartoonists will continue to cartoon, and Jews will remain in France, just as sure as irony returned in short order to the US.


The article ends saying the gunman in the Kosher store was killed. Why does it not also say four innocent Jews were killed in the raid as well? I do not understand how this important fact is missed by the author?

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you know…not every country starts throwing the names of victims around in the media until…oh I don’t know…next of kin have been notified first or something.

But as the Daily Mail (a rather sensationalist rag as a rule) has published a story a few hours ago …here’s a link

Is there a problem with erring on the side of caution? Will Shabbat cease to exist if a shul makes safety a paramount concern in the wake of city-shaking extremist murders?