Discussion: Graham Signals He Won't Vote For Tillerson If He Rejects Russia Sanctions

Get 'em Lindsey! But don’t forget he will lie right to your face, right into the camera and not give the slightest damn.

Just like Chief Justice Roberts.


Heh. Well that an a dollar will get you a cup of coffee, especially as “go along to get along” Manchin votes for Tillerson and renders your protest moot.


I was gonna say…

Man, what in the world makes you think that anything he says in a confirmation hearing will have any effect on what he’ll do in the office?

Stop asking for politicians to say stuff, and look at what their record shows… Trump said a lot of stuff to get elected too… How’s his promise to “drain the swamp” going so far?

And what exactly do you think you can do about it, now that he’s won the election?


Graham and McCain vote as a couple, and the senior Arizona Senator voting no might give Flake cover…if he doesn’t flake. Gotta keep writing/calling Collins.


If actual, tangible evidence of Graham being a closeted gay man is now leaked, we’ll know that Resident-Select Dumblefuck has Pooty’s people on retainer for black ops.


Trump: No worries, I have this covered. Graham will be out/bend over before you know it.

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This is Putin, so think bigger. There will be photos/video of Rubio at one of those “foam parties”.


Tillerson will say one thing during any hearings and do the opposite after he’s confirmed because “President Trump” will have ordered him to. What then Lindsey?


Balls and Strikes!



I’ve got so many weird reactions regarding this. First off, it is strange to listen to Graham and not have it sound like fingernails on a chalkboard. It would be wise for folks to realize that Republicans are not united and electing Trump has light off alarm bells with many in the GOP that things have gone too far.

About Tillerson, compared to the rest of Trump’s picks he doesn’t seem too bad. While at first glance it looked like an odd choice, he was highly recommended by James Baker and Condoleezza Rice, two people who have done the job. Unlike the freak show of Giuliani and Bolton, he actually appears to have diplomatic skills. Of all the appointments to protest, this doesn’t seem to be high on the list.


The political optics are crystal clear, and the messaging’s really not that difficult…

  • Trump: “Manchurian Candidate”.
  • GOP: “Russian Collaborators”.
  • Dems: “The Resistance”.

No “nuance” required.

America is a sovereign nation.

The People “get” that.

If Dems explain it to them simply, then large numbers will rally behind them.


Yes yes yes. And just like Clarence Thomas before him. Yes, how DARE you ask me how I would rule in a hypothetical case? I strip down before I approach a case, just like before I go jogging. I release all my preconceived notions and lifetime political affiliations.

And just like Joseph Alito after Roberts. Maybe Tillerson’s wife can sit in the row behind him and begin weeping when Lindsey Graham and those other nasty senators ask her poor innocent noble husband gotcha questions.

Maybe Lindsey Graham can bring Chris Cuomo to help think of and ask follow up questions, think on his feet, when Tillerson lays down a smokescreen of bullshit.


“…it’d be very hard for me to vote for him because you’re giving a green light to this behavior.”

Who’s he talking about here? Tillerson…or Trump?


I think they both have an association with Exxon, so…


Boiling it down to …" sanctions" —

Thanks Lindsey …I was afraid it was more complex than that –

I feel so much better now …

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Speaking of which, this is what YouGov just finds.

Re Putin:

Re Wikileaks:

Details here:


They’re so fucking Reactionary that it’s nearly unbelievable.


The Dems don’t really need to do much. Trump has an approval rating in the 40’s which is absurd for an incoming president. Even a lot of the people who voted for him think he is a clown.

When the Russian hacking report is released and Trump makes a few late night twitter rants, he will drop several more points. Once he takes office and general chaos ensures, he will be a lame duck before long. At that point, the GOP will either need to let him go or have him drag them into the gutter. There is light at the end of the tunnel, here. Dems just need to be smart and not screw things up by being shrill.

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As a political party they are completely over.