Discussion: Graham: 'No Reason' To Believe Hillary Has Health Problem

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Must be time to walk back from Crazytown if he is saying this out loud toa reporter.

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Have not heard from Lindsay for awhile, Has he just now returned from his date with Putin in the Crimea last weekend?

Must have been an eventful little get together as he seems to have forgotten that he’s part of teh crazy…

Detective Lindsey

Just when you think Graham is crackers he says something intelligent, but this doesn’t mean he won’t participate on the piling on when HRC runs.

Lindsey just loves him a good dog-pileing!

As long as he gets to be on the bottom.

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Maybe I mean he loves to plie. It’s good for the joints.

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Ugg love smell of Hillariphobia. Har har har.

Oh, he’ll pile on, but he sure does come off as halfway sensible now and then. Maybe he has some sort of on-again off-again schedule, with Tuesdays and Thursdays reserved for sounding ever so old-world genteel and civilized.


Thanks for that! I just looked at a video about it and will add it to my morning routine. I’ll bet my old joints will benefit from it.

‘No Reason’ To Believe Graham Doesn’t Blow Goats


He’s only 59?!?!?!??

Christ, I thought he was in his late 70’s

“…no reason.” I believe this is called “damning with faint praise.”

Geez, Lindsey, you’re such a little weasel.

And there is no reason to believe that Huckleberry Graham doesn’t smell like Oil of Olay.