Discussion: Graham: McCain In Good Spirits And Will 'Be With Us For A While To Come'

Perhaps he can be “with us” long enough that he can vote for the impeachment of the man who allows his staff to suggest that a dying man doesn’t matter because he isn’t supporting the torture apologist that has been nominated.

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“…and I will be sure to vote to confirm Gina Haspel so I can send a big ‘fuck you!’ to my heroic, dying friend.”

If you take away the many false reasons we were offered to admire McCain, there’s still something that remains. When they tortured him past what he could endure, and asked him for the names of the other members of his squadron, he gave them the names of the Packers offensive line. And with so many of his GOP colleagues groveling at Trump’s feet, McCain’s literally dying first. Complicated, far from perfect, but resilient and defiant. So I hope his last days are peaceful.