Discussion: Graham Indicates Kavanaugh Could Vote To Overturn Roe V. Wade

I hope he will give it a fair hearing, and I know he will.”

In fact, he probably already written the holding, although every conservative on the court would love to be the one who writes the majority opinion. A junior member? No way will he get to write it.


It’s almost as though Graham were surreptitiously trying to sink Kavanaugh’s nomination by saying things like this. I mean, will this help Kavanaugh in any way?


Kavanaugh WILL vote to overturn Roe. There’s no question about that. What’s with the bullshit speculation other than as cover to sneak him in. He’ll be confirmed and thrust his religious “never had a hard day and don’t know much about them” life on us. Roe is toast as is a bunch of other stuff. Elections will become GOP sure shots and most of what we take for granted will be liquidated to provide cash for the 1% and Churches. Forget Roe. Social Security, Medicare, prison reform and so much more are going to suffer too.


Won’t hurt him. Graham will vote to confirm him as will all the other GOP’ers and he’s in. It’s what Comey and Putin wanted.


Russia, if you’re listening, release the 100,000 Kavanaugh documents that are being kept secret by the White House because they know that Kavanaugh is a partisan, duplicitous, poltroon who makes a mockery of the constitution. He’s there for one reason, to weaponize the constitution against the commons, the public trust, minorities and the poor. Everything Trump touches dies, and I fear that this includes the constitution.


“I hope he will have a fair hearing and I know he will” is so internally conflicted it ranges into the incoherent.


If Schumer and Co. allow this hearing and don’t hold it up the way the Republicans did with Garland, a lot of women will stay at home these mid-terms.

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The GOP held up Garland because they had a MAJORITY of the Senate, achieved when many of the Purists refused to go vote in the Mid Terms or the majority who can never be bothered to vote in mid terms did not show up.

The GOP still has a majority and they got rid of the ability of the minority party to filibuster when they enacted the Nuclear Option to confirm Gorsuch. It looks like they are going to be able to steam roll the country and appoint Kavanaugh by suppressing his hyper partisan ideologue writings, just like Donald Trump still refuses to release his Income Tax Returns.


“I hope he will give it a fair hearing, and I know he will.”


The Garland debacle has stained this process irrevocably. I am not sure the Dems have the power to hold up the hearings/Kauanaugh’s confirmation. I feel rather hopeless, frustrated about this. So in that vein, Graham can keep his mouth shut since he is saying nothing at all.


So, Lindsey Graham is now supposed to be the go-to Grand Lion of the US Senate?


Yeah, we know how Graham will vote, but Collins has already gotten a pretty strong message from the voters in Maine:

Political survival is always the first priority for anyone in the Senate. What Graham just said makes it harder for Collins to get away with supporting Kavanaugh.


Staying at home in 2016 is how we got here. If your intent is to show strength it is a weak one.


She will only vote against if some other R gives her cover, making her vote meaningless.

It will be a unanimous R vote in favor.

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This is a brilliant example of the way the right wing has corrupted our basic political discourse. Plessy was also settled law until it wasn’t, but somehow the cases are not the same. 50 years of rightwing propaganda have made it sound almost plausible to talk about just calling balls and strikes, without any consideration of how the strike zone is set differently for different people.


She is the master of double speak and As long as she has blatantly done so I think Maine voters like it.


Ol Graham goes on Fox…on a Sunday morning…and feeds red meat to the Fox News evangelicals…

purposely staged…nay never its fox…


Oh yes. As I understand it, judicial review, or the ability of the Court to declare a Legislative or Executive act in violation of the Constitution, is not found within the text of the Constitution itself. The Court gave this to themselves in Marbury vs Madison. But the long term maintenance of this hugely important “norm” surely depends upon maintaining as neutral a court as can be practicably possible. If the court becomes seem as another partisan body representing narrow political and special interests working against the common good, the luster will become quickly tarnished. In my view, this has already happened.