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I can promise you I never got a full scholarship to West Point," Graham said while chuckling.

And implying both the impossible and a shade of truth to Carson’s lie…

(Wow, President Carson’s Sec. of Defense can talk out of both sides of his mouth and whistle ‘Dixie’.)

Oh, Lindsey, you’re going to make a fine Vice Presidential running mate to Dr. Carson! Now, remember, just because Dr. Carson is a black man does not necessarily mean he’s well-hung. Come on, admit it, Lindsey, you know this crossed your mind … right? :wink:


…that’s because you don’t matter, Miz Linz. You’re at the point now where you need to start kissing ass.

Can’t wait for Trump to start in.

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But there is no such thing as a “scholarship,” in the traditional sense of that term, to any of the U.S. Military Academies. Once appointed to West Point, or any of the others, Uncle Sam picks up all the costs in return for a commitment to serve at least five years after the graduating cadet is commissioned. Any claim that Carson was offered a scholarship in an informal setting is clearly untrue, since that would be tantamount to an offer of admission to the Academy, which can only be achieved through a rigorous and extensive process.


No, the voters do not need to decide if they believe him. He lied. He admitted to lying, as much as any politician ever admits to anything. The voters need to decide if they care about the truth enough to vote for this particular liar anyway.

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So the voters should decide if he went to West Point or not? How does that make sense? Should the voters decide whether or not you wore pants at the last debate? The voters cannot vote on a fact. It is a fact.


When Mz Lindsay was prosecutin’ cases in the Air Force, he ALWAYS let the voters decide if that ni(CLANG!) was guilty.

Fully worth the two minutes.


Don’t Ask Don’t Tell?

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" Let’s let the voters decide, not pollsters. " What the heck does that mean, Lindsey?

Fruitcake gives nutcake a pass.

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Have you even met any GOP’ers? The whole concept of “fact” is quite fluid.

Time for the very first and most fundamental, core lesson in the Teatroll Rosetta Stone series…

#Teatroll Rosetta Stone:

#“Truth and reality are up for a vote.”

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Like I have said before: “Loyalty to the Republican TRIBE is more important than Honesty, Integrity, and TRUTH”
Or in a shorter form: IOKIYAAD

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“Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who retired from the U.S. Air Force after a 33-year career…”
Let’s set the record straight on Graham retiring after 33 years service in the Air Force! It’s not like he served 33 years on active duty!
He served 4 years active duty, then was a reservist for 29 years! Being a reservist meant showing 2 days a month and a 2 week summer camp per year! That entails meeting 14 days of summer camp and 44 weekend days or a total of 58 days a year!
I’m not knocking his service, but what does a JAG officer do on week-end duty anyway? Bush was reservist and showed up when he felt like it and then ended up quitting way short of his 6 years required duty! I’d like to see Graham’s reservist attendance record and see exactly how days he actually served.
Let me add the following I just read on Wiki about Grahams service!

“Between January 1995 and January 2005, Graham’s military work totaled 108 hours, an average of less than a day and a half per year…”
In other words, he never showed up, just like Bush!


Only Trump has enough poll support to risk taking a shot at the other favorite.

This useless idiot could have jumped a couple of percentage points by attacking Carson, merely by pointing out how service academy graduates are demeaned by Ben’s “Stolen Valor” bullshit.

Facts are for suckers.

Nobody gets full scholarships to West Point.

They don’t exist you fucking moron.