Discussion: Governors Cannot Ban Refugees From Their States

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Let the PreciousLifers figure it out…

They like babies to be birthed, but take no responsibility for the after-births.

There are a lot more Moslems than there are crazy Islamic terrorists. It makes sense to make common cause with the majority of Moslems to neutralize the crazy among them with a minimum of harm to anyone. One component of making common cause is to provide safe haven for innocents. Would these governors refuse to let Christians move into their state because some of them have murdered doctors, terrorized women, tortured gays, and burned down churches?

The Christianists want a final world war so bad it warps their mind and their morals.

With their arses so puckered I would imagine so.

I bet there are some present SCOTUS justices waiting expectantly to rule on a state challenge to federal immigration authority. Stare decisis seems to be a double-dog dare to them.

Bluster bluster rumble rumble finger-wagging fist pounding

chatter chatter chatter rueful head wagging

lap lap lap lap


Bunch of cowards. Let in families, children and the elder first.

And if you are concerned about terrorist, look up Alpha 66. Cuban Refugees. Bombing Miami.