Discussion: Government Moves Children Out Of 'Inhumane' Detention Center In El Paso

And into a humane concentration camp?


Government Moves Children Out Of ‘Inhumane’ Detention Center Concentration Camp In El Paso


TPM is on a roll today. ‘R-Word’ and this headline.


Hopefully the Obama administration has learned its lesson and this shameful and inhumane policy of holding innocent children prisoner will not be repeated.


Look how quickly DHS or whoever moved them once they got bad press and some minimal oversight of what was happening there. This is still part of the coverup by this maladministration. If they had been there for weeks and were only supposed to be there for no more than 72 hours, its no coincidence that they suddenly got active moving these children out to avoid anymore media attention. Just look how quickly they can act when they want to.

So the next big questions are…where did they go and is there a thorough recording of who these children are and what efforts are being made to reunite them with their families??? This maladministration has never had any satisfactory answers for those questions. That’s what is so insidious about what they’re doing. All they are really doing is playing musical chairs with these children so no one can officially see what’s going on and hold the people responsible for these policies accountable.


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“Children are only supposed to be held in this type of short-term detention center for 72 hours”

Uh, no one is ever supposed to be held in those conditions for any amount of time.


All of this and from the evangelicals: crickets! For shame, for shame!


Among the many things that I wish Chuck Todd had pushed back against, I wish that he had asked if Trump could call Obama and asked permission to discontinue the practice.


Trump’s cruel and inhumane policies need to be the focus from here on out. I am done with every tweet and idiotic utterance being the day’s headline. The next questions are where were they taken and when. Are these children being properly cared for -edible good food, clean clothes, medical needs being met, a bed to sleep on not a concrete floor, toys and time outside, some place to wash with soap and clean towels, and adequate, proper supervision. These are children not prisoners. And why does this administration continue to take children from their parents and put them in cages?


Oh, good. They disappeared the inconvenient kids to a secure undisclosed facility. After deliberately ceasing the collection of data on deaths, covertly resuming the separation policy, deliberately sabotaging records, refusing to let the kids have access to phones to call the numbers frantically written in their arms by adults, using the kids as bait to lure relatives into trying to claim them so they could be arrested, and stripping them of all their possessions.

Well, problem solved. No need to pay any attention to this now because I’m sure this camp was just a lone bad apple.

Does anyone think it is beyond the realm of possibility that the sudden proliferation of “oh look, we found more bodies in the desert” stories is how CPB covers up inconvenient deaths in custody now that they’ve rid themselves of pesky record-keeping requirements?


Funny… I was just thinking, darkly, that CBP may be taking lessons from the drug cartels in Mexico, and one of these days someone is going to start running across mass graves out in the desert…


This was exactly my first thought too.

And everything else you wrote was absolutely, unequivocally spot-on.

This whole thing makes me so sick, I just want to vomit.


I just left a detainment and deportment center outside Compagnie France. The stories they tell about the “fake news” propaganda put out by the Reich and Vichy government are remarkably similar to the lies told here. It was absolutely chilling.


Where are they now and what’s happening in other camps about which we have less information?
I shudder to think what’s happening to adults kept confined for immigration violations.

And the next question is who will be held responsible? Best guess is no one. My sense is that there is criminal responsibility for neglecting and failing to protect these children. It sounds egregious enough. But everyone will point fingers at everyone else, and at most maybe a few low level personnel will get disciplined.

Trump and his merry band of immoral vile hypocrites will skip away unscathed once again to close more abortion clinics to protect the valued ‘unborn’ from the female receptacles that might not want to carry them.


Some people use history as a lesson in what not to do.

Others use it as a textbook.


When we got to the news clips by the Vichy controlled media all I could see was Fox news complaining about “demagogues” like DeGaulle for recognizing reality. I felt sick by the time I left.

We will never learn. Hopefully the fourth estate will not be cowed.


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I was enraged that this was not on 10 TPM stories this morning.


Lesson #886 in

It’s not okay to have a racist for president.

Feature, not a bug. That is, Trump’s wanton cruelty to migrant children is a racist feature of his twisted personality, one that’s not considered a bug by his adoring white supremacist base.