Discussion: Gov. Walker Also Wants 'Significant Reforms' To Entitlement Programs

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I think to grab national attention, the GOP Presidential candidates should go all-in on entitlement elimination to show how much they hate taxes, hate government, and hate seniors. The strategy to alienate minorities and women can only go so far, they need a new strategy to go after all the seniors. Go GOP Go!


Please Proceed Governor Walker.


The Kochs give Scott Walker their blessing to slash Social Security to the bone.


What entitlement…SS is a retirement plan that everyone supposedly has paid into from their 1st job to the day they retire. Remove the cap and all is well for the foreseeable future.


In the thread on Triple X Christie earlier today, I called him “a stalking hippo”. Here we go,then: Walker’s done saddled up ol’ Triple X and is now ridin’ that waddling stalker towards Magic Gipperland.

Which means 3 things:
1, XXX & the Wisconsin succubus have made a deal;
2. XXX remains not self-delusional about this chances;
3. the Wisconsin succubus has guaranteed XXX some big stuff, like XXX getting nominated for US AG AND - the Big Kahuna - XXX getting first say, or internal veto, or both, or some variation on those, on all federal judicial appointments, plus I’d think some ‘meaningful input’ on Fed appointments.

So, we can expect the stalking horse/waddling hippo to emerge from his water hole again and again from now on, almost always to be followed shortly thereafter by the Wisconsin succubus approving, with a few fake-out minor dust-ups along the way to keep up appearances.

[‘R U stoopid? Y would I make a deal with ANYONE? I’m in this to win this, all the way. I know you media types get free coffee and some munchies with this, what I wanna know is WTF are they feeding you, hash brownies?’]

Also, if Walker were to win and XXX to get approved as AG, we already know from his time as a US attorney in NJ under GW Bush how XXX uses such offices as cash printing presses. But that level of control over the fates of crooked business executives, cheating rapacious corporations, bent pols, and equality-hating southern communities, PLUS major input into federal court even SCOTUS appointments, PLUS input into NYFed appointments, I flat out guarantee XXX will take that and use it to pull in and then collect on so many chits following his leaving as AG, he won’t have to think about running for POTUS, he’ll be able to afford to buy his own frickin’ country.


Entitlement is the sense that you paid for it and therefore you’re entitled to it. Lots of people confuse “entitlement” with “give-away”. If you pay for it, you’re entitled to it. If you don’t pay for it, you’re not entitled to it.


lol phew been runnin all day and finally caught the bus. Fat guy must be driving. Oh look in the mirror, theres more coming trying to catch the bus. step on it fat boy or there will be a whole bus load of freedom fighters aboard trying to steal our idea. lol

The only entitlements that need to be changed are the ones the GOP gave to the filthy rich. Let’s start with all those corporate subsidies for those that outsource, as well as legalizing foreign tax shelters.



“The ni(CLANG!) will not get a dime!!!”

Whenever a republican wants to reform anything, run as fast as you can.


Once again, FEAR is the only tool in the repubs tool chest. FUCKING TOOL. But giving the 1% a break on the Estate Tax is just fine with Scottie.


I don’t suppose he’s referring to much-needed expansions.

I always knew Walker was an ass through and through, but I never thought he’d so brazenly support demolishing Social Security, if only because his handlers would’ve have told him how politically unwise it is.

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I just don’t get the strategy behind talking about this at this stage. Who’s vote is he going to get with this position that he doesn’t already have? Oh, I fully understand Republicans want to crush Social Security. I just figured they’d do it on the sly after the election, claiming they have a mandate for it.


Republicans chasing each other down the rabbit hole is in full swing. Cruz started it and the rest are following in typical Republican fashion. As with Pence in IN they don’t seem to have any idea they are playing with fire. Behold the right wing bubble in action.


The photo of Walker says it all.

Governor Dropout is dumb as a fencepost.


Well you know it’s easy to confuse voters, especially if they want to be so confused. Opens up all the windows of hatred and stupidity - and there’s no setting them straight. It’s the Orwellian ruse w/o the sophistication. Just straight ahead “entitlement=giveaway”. And of course ‘giveaway’ has all the right connotations for those of the persuasion of hate.

I know I’ll be yelling at the TV when I watch Hillary (probably) miss the opportunity of NOT taking the ‘entitlement’ argument from her ‘challenger’ and turn it around and shove it right down the throat of the dumbass who said it. Same with social security. Sen Warren seems to be the only one who sees these attacks as opportunities. And turns them around so fast you break out in spontaneous laughter.


We know who wall street is giving their money to. Christy is making a big play for stealing money out of the trust fund for social security to give to wall street. After all he did it in NJ. Scott Walker wants some of that sweet wall street money too.


This is the race to get that sweet, sweet wall street money.

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Magic Gipper Land really made me laugh. And your analysis is quite interesting.