Discussion: Gov. LePage's Daughter Hired By Trump Campaign

It’d be awesome if she was chosen to head the Waterbury CT office so she could stop all those blacks and Hispanics from going up to Maine and getting arrested!


WoooooWeeeeee! KidProQuo: "You do me a favor and I’ll hire your kid."

Following in her mother footsteps, Lauren will be starting as a waitress in the Trump Tower cafeteria.

(BTW: I guess Bristol Palin wasn’t available, huh? Or…Maybe she wanted to be paid up front.)

That’s smart hiring practices by the drumpf campaign … she will get paid 74%of what her male counterparts get paid!

You’re being generous with that 74%. If she’s lucky, she’ll get $7.40.

American Psycho has a kid?

The poor thing even looks like her dad. On the plus side he won’t need to worry about her ever getting in trouble with one of those apocryphal drug dealers from New York.