Discussion: Gorka: Trump Wants Me To Support Him ‘From The Outside’


Disgusting Nazi puke says what? Go f yourself and take all your friends with you.


As someone with a visible outside role before his wraithdom, Bannon could semi-semi-credibly claim this.

Diet Crackerjack Nazi who nobody had ever heard of before? Not so much.


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When you’ve lost all 3 on the Fox & Friend’s couch it’s time to shut the fuck up.


Oh, his basketball-sized head is on “Three Dumbasses and A Big Couch”. Who would have guessed?
Go on Rachel Maddow, brave Hungarian Nazi. Yeah, show off those big Trump-lovin’ balls of yours, defender of the filth.


<<<<“Supporting him from the outside” was supposed to be a secret, you ignorant clown.>>>>


Dr Gorka very smart move. Leading from behind. Way to go most intelligent one. Your pappy would be very proud. He would share his honour with you.

Gorka, you might have been deep inside Trump for a while, but face it, you’re just not a thing any more.

According to the Gorkster everything is sweetness and light and yet, strangely, the White House security people had to issue a kind of emergency notice not to let the SOB in because the parting of the ways came before he turned in his entrance pass. So that’s interesting.


Yes, and the best way to support your marriage is by making love independently and from a remote location…


Trump also said “Don’t go away mad!”


Gorka will be “supporting from the outside” in the manner of a hemorrhoid-relief undergarment.

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Absolutely. From the outside. Preferably locked in a closet somewhere without TV or internet.


Why does Gorka have such a virulent hatred for Muslims? And is there any chance that we can send him back to the UK?

That would be a waste of taxpayers’ money. He’ll be paying his own fare to his new digs on London’s duty-free extradition-free Embassy Row for the Trump Admiinnistration Reunion of 2018.

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Suuuuure he does…

In the Army we would do this too…

To annoying Private: “Hey, you know what I need? I need you to go set up an OP waaaaaay over there.”

“Help him on the outside?”

That’s the bull he feeds all the losers, Sebbie.

Run, Sebbie. Trump actually said, “from the OTHER side.” A Black Ops hit team is hunting you.

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You’d think he have the decency to wash yesterday’s soup out of his beard, before appearing on TV. For all their other shortcomings, I thought real Nazis were at least decently groomed.