Discussion: GOP's Spanish SOTU Response Mentioned Immigration But English Ignored It

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Shorter GOP weaselspeak: “We’ll let the little brown one say what he has to say.”


If you don’t know where you are going, all roads will not lead you anywhere.


Speaking with two tongues is SOP for the republicans…


That oughta hold those brown-skinned SOBs. Now, to put a checkmark next to “Disenfranchise the Blacks” and Republican leaders can vacation until 2017.

Seriously though, it looks like Republicans have really learned to see the advantages of diversity. Just as long as they vote like old white men and don’t improvise.

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The real scandal is that his Spanish language version left out any mention of wearing plastic bread bags on his feet.


In the end, a House Republican spokesperson told the magazine that Curbelo and Ernst would deliver “the same Republican message” – but “with their own unique stories and experiences to shape that narrative.”

Professional question for those of you at TPM: can reporters really keep a straight face when they get responses like this?



Hola, brown people of America!

That means ‘hello’ in Spanish, heh heh.

We like brown people. Really, we do!

That’s why we’re have our token brown person out speakin’ to you in the Spanish tonight.

P.S. Don’t believe what you hear us say in English, that’s for our white people audience only.


Does the Republicans know that Latinos understand both languages?


Can you imagine if a Democrat did this? It would be plastered all over the front page of every newspaper and be reported on for a week. How do you spell two-faced? I can. Its spelled G-O-P.


We should be concerned, this is obviously the work of a genius in the GOP congressional caucus.

When the 2015 Awards for Weaselspeak are awarded, surely this will be the winner:

“We should also work through the appropriate channels to create permanent solutions for our immigration system,”

Yeah…if by “appropriate channels” you mean the National Guard and by “permanent solutions” you mean throw 'em all out and build a very high wall with watch towers every 10 feet.

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This is a glaring example of what little respect the repub bags have for our Immigrant population and Hispanic Americans They think they are so stupid as to not see the horrid hypocrisy and lies!

Appalling…and deplorable!


Separate BUT equal? Two faces of the GOP? Left hand meet righter hand?

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I think we can all be thankful that the Spanish response wasn’t simply a white dude talking slowly and loudly.


This is a fairly brilliant strategy that hadn’t occurred to me before. Broadcast political speeches with several audio tracks (you know, like on DVD/Blu Rays). There could be “GOP”, “Democratic”, “Hispanic”, “African American” tracks etc. That way you can custom tailor your message to target audiences, brilliant!

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The GOTP’s two prong outreach sounds just like the “'68 Nixon” to my old ears :fu:

Ha ha! “Same … but different!”

“A Google translation of Univision’s report on Curbelo’s remarks largely corroborated the translation.” Does this mean that no one at TPM knows Spanish well enough to translate what the guy said? Sort of pathetic.