Discussion: GOP's New Social Security Playbook: Pit The Disabled Against Retired

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Dear Republicans who might be reading this:

Can you please tell me why it is that suckling at the teat of people who think Ayn Rand was a genius while harming average Americans is your baseline for passing legislation? Don’t talk about budgets and deficits and such because we have already come to the conclusion that running huge deficits is fine when you folks are in the White House. If it is money, I guarantee you, wholeheartedly, that I can find the money in the budget to forego having to cut Social Security.

Let’s see:

  1. Bloated Pentagon budget is the first place to look. Plenty to cut there.

  2. The tax structure that favors the rich and corporations.

  3. Means testing for farm subsidies. The wealthy need no subsidies, if they do, they should perhaps go into another business that actually makes money.

There you go.


“The disabled are robbing the retired”

Very compassionate.

Of course military spending is robbing both.


So pitting the needy against the needy is their new strategy. It really does show the level of compassion, concern and caring they have for Americans in need. They see them as nothing but tools to be used to achieving their goals. How pathetic they are.


Course these disabled folks paid into the system, fraud is less than 1 percent, and when these 64 yr olds on SSDI age to 65, their benefits now become SS…thus cutting a disabled person by 20 percent means cutting their SS forever by 20 percent. Should they eat or pay for their meds?

The compassion for our neediest people is once again missing in the GOP mind and pretending to protect seniors is merely that–a pretense. Can the Dems stand up to this blackmail?


The late Ted Kennedy asked: “Where does the greed stop?”

I would add: Where does the cruelty end? A Randian world view is 180 degrees from that of a country that professes to be 77% Christian and presumably holds a world view of kindness and charity toward the less fortunate.

I know one person on SS disability. She became essentially unemployable as a result of disease and no fault of her own After deduction for Medicare, she receives a little more than $700 per month. I would be shocked if she was not suicidal. I would be.

If there is an afterlife, the GOP and their representatives will spend eternity at the 9th Ring of the Inferno where the cruelest of those who abuse public office go.

Indeed, where does the cruelty end?


It must of been one hell of a slow news weekend if you folks are having to rewrite previous articles.

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Only sick f’'cks would even think this, let alone do it.

That it’s the GOP doing it just confirms it.


When the Republicans talk about “In God We Trust” they don’t mean the Almighty above. They mean the almighty Dollar.


I am interested in how they propose to solve the problem. Apparently the bills sponsors believe that benefits cuts are okay and Rand Paul thinks screening the recipients will lower the number of those receiving the benefits thus saving money.


Reality ChecK: The Rich are robbing everybody else.


No, they really mean In Ayn Rand We Trust!


Haven’t you been listening to Phony Joni? She says that the churches will take care of the truly needy.

I’ll believe that bullshit when Joel 0$teen sells his $10 million dollar mansion and gives all of the proceeds to the poor in TexAss who cannot get medical care thanks to their ¢hri$tian governor!


And you must have nothing better to do than whine about it.


Watch out for the phoney stories about “waste,fraud,and abuse” the GOP always invent every time they want to dismantle part of the social safety net. The fact is all of the programs are already trimmed to the bone and are very efficient because they have to be.


And THIS is the reason I said that Dems need to get in front of this wave. There are too many retirees (and non) who really do believe this. They don’t see that draining SS disability funds is the beginning of draining SS itself. Unfortunately, it’s going to take some savvy messaging from Dems to fight this and a lot of Dems are going to use the old “go along to get along” playbook because they’re afraid of the Rethugs.


Absolutely correct. The GOP base believes that the “truly” needy (always put emphasis on that word!) will get taken care of by our betters who judge who is worthy. Even that segment of the GOP base that’s on disability themselves will STILL go along with this crap because they know that they’re worthy of government help. The rest of “those” people can get whatever Osteen decides is necessary.


And the ultimate irony is that heartless hypocrite and depraved economic objectivist crone Ayn Rand utilized both Medicare and Social Security to survive as she aged.


Once and for all, remove the salary limit for Social Security wages and the funds will grow exponentially. It is the easiest and fairest way to ensure solvency.


I always thought one of the finest examples of Good God Fearin’ Compassionate CONservatives was the comment made by Rep. Richard Baker ® Louisana, in the wake of hurricane Katrina: “We finally cleaned up public housing in Louisiana. We couldn’t do it, but GOD did.”

THAT’S the ‘Kinder and Gentler’ compassion the Republicans want to bring across this republic. WWRJD? (What Would Republican Jesus Do?): “I’ll turn my head and look over here while you die.”