Discussion: GOPers Move Ahead With Longshot Effort To Impeach Missouri Guv

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I guess the Republican controlled Missouri legislature has to do something to pass the time. After all they don’t legislate anymore. They just pass what ALEC puts in front of them.

Perhaps a rise in the governor’s popularity as well when the dust has settled.

That Republican control is the problem. Don’t they have sufficient majorities to remove him without Democratic votes?

If you can’t beat’em, impeach’em…LOL!!!

I wish the MO legislature, or at least the majority of them, would be impeached. They have been worthless the last several years.

Government by bullying. You still think they wouldn’t try the same chit on the President, given the opportunity?

Of course the puerile and feckless Missouri Republicans would resort to impeachment of their popular Democratic Governor–it’s the only tactic they have left, since ongoing public tantrums didn’t work.

It seems that the GOP is not satisfied with simply letting their sinking ship gradually go under, they are busy punching holes in the hull as fast as they can.

The “Eric Holder gun registry.” It’s bizarre to me that conservatives don’t hear how ridiculous they sound…

And yet Obama is the tyrant. The hypocrisy is so cloying you’d think even they could smell it…and yet they blithely blather on…