Discussion: GOPer Lamar Smith Accuses NOAA Of Ignoring Data In Climate Study

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Don’t legitimize this dope by cooperating with his witch hunt.

This guy is going to get into a publication war with scientists? Good luck with that.


Liberals want Lamar Smith to stop bullying scientists and not to shut them up from spouting all the nonsense they come up with from their fancy studies. THAT’S POLITICAL CORRECTNESS RUN AMUCK!! ENOUGH WITH THE TYRANNY OF FACTS!!

God bless this courageous man – armed only with pocketfuls of cash from salt-of-the-Earth oil billionaires — yet still brave enough to take on the narrow special interests of a habitable planet!


The second graph is sea level rise.

It doesn’t much matter if the rate of warming has slowed. Lamar.


Well there you go. If you can’t believe a corrupt bought and paid for shit-for-brains ignoramus, who can you believe?


“GOPer Lamar Smith Accuses NOAA Of Ignoring Lamar Smith In Climate Study”


Ah, ain’t it great the ridiculous accusations you can make when you can buy a “whistleblower” and then keep their identity anonymous?

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SCIENCE, mein freund, says there’s NO - zero, bupkiss, nada - satellite evidence showing global warming at any time before 1967.

That’s less than 50 years ago - not even 1% of the time since Creation. Maybe you ‘favor’ the ‘theory’ that this planet is 4.3 billion years old - if so, then NOOA is ignoring 99.99999998 percent of the data!

This is Ted Cruz you’re dealing with: no evidence is evidence of nothing!

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Lamar is such a good boy and such a tireless defender of his parents, Chuck and Dave, and their pop and pop corner gas station.

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I have this picture in my mind of Lamar at his desk in the Capitol right now reading this, slapping his forehead & saying,

'Dang - how did we miss that! Thank God for TPM: this changes EVERYTHING.

Darlene, get Senator Cruz on the line: he’ll want to know about this as soon as possible. Also, send a tweet to the director of NOAA, with one word: ‘Sorry. All my best, Lamar’. Then follow my sig line with a string of apology emojis. Also, make it like the word’s coming out of the mouth of one of those sparkle ponies. Line 3? Got it: TED! Thanks for calling back. Look, have you read TPM this morning? Ah, the Post: better! Big doings, my friend, very big. Seems we made a wee bit of a conceptual boo-boo. But nothing we can’t all fix, right?’


It’s ironic that Smith is claiming that NOAA cherry picked their data, when it’s the climate deniers who do the cherry picking. By claiming that there was been a “pause” in warming since 1998, they have pushed the political needle against funding research…and the only way they can claim that pause is because 1998 was an extremely strong El Nino year, so the surface temperatures were higher than normal. But, it turns out that examining all of the data shows that the idea of a “pause” is wrong, and warming continued (with the energy shuffled into other areas than just surface temperatures).

Imagine if a Republican was president right now…NOAA would not have the backstop to stand up to this, and of course the Republicans would be slashing any agencies that might show real science at work. Electing any of the Republicans will completely gut our research apparatus, that needs to be a clear point made during the campaigns next year (which is going to be a hot one due to another strong El Nino).

Oh, and this is a MUCH more balanced article than the last couple on this topic, kudos to Caitlin MacNeal for a good job.


I don’t really expect Lamar can read a graph since science, as we well know, has a liberal bias.


I thought these Republicans claim to ‘not be scientists’?

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This guy is going to get into a publication war with scientists? Good luck with that.

well, lamar’s got that new and disproved texas science that they now teach going for him.

He’s just trying to protect the administrative assistant that W placed in the agency before exiting office. He’s been secretly listening in to all these eggheads who consider themselves his betters when it comes to faith in the Creation of our planet.

I’m just hoping that whichever of the Hillary/Bernie supporters don’t have their candidate on the ticket won’t stick there heads up their asses and stay home for the election because, “there’s no difference between the Democrats and Republicans.”


Well there you go. If you can’t believe a corrupt bought and paid for shit-for-brains ignoramus, who can you believe?

guess you’d have to go with donald trump and ben carson. they are strongly versed in the “i got nothing mentality”, so let me just expound on that. result = tripe-cubed. let’s publish!

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  1. Surface data are “hard” on-site data relative to satellite derived measurements.
  2. Watch the media go full false equivalency on this blatantly ignorant, clueless and anti-science op-ed.

His name and his evil deed will never be forgotten.This is the face of a man who would of censored the Internet.This is the face of the man who took in over $800,000 from Hollywood to do this not only to us here but to the whole world.
FUCK LAMAR SMITH ! Do not ever forget who he is.Let his face be the poster boy for the freedom of the Internet…and the freedom of science.

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This is really big news! Smith knows what NOAA is!