Discussion: GOP Stumped Again In Its Pursuit Of Bad Obamacare News

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Propensities in search of a pretext.


The ACA was largely crafted to the benefit of the insurance industry
based on the economies of scale and the influx of new and healthier
young people which appears to have taken place. The insurance
industry will benefit from the ACA. The GOP is barking up the
wrong tree looking to insurers to back up their contrived accusations.
The longer the ACA is in force, the stronger it will become. There will
likely be changes, just as in Medicare and SS, but it will benefit
Americans and that is a problem for the GOP. It has worked in Massecuettus
and that should have been a clue for them, but they seem to have
great difficulty with reality.


“Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN): It is baffling that we could have some of our nation’s largest insurers, and you all don’t have any internal analysis of what these rates are going to be.”

Poor Marsha has spent most of her life baffled by facts and stuff.


FOX won’t cover it because no one asked about BENGHAZI.


How curious that the data they are looking for “doesn’t exist.” Smacks of cover up, for sure.


Are insurance companies somehow required to reveal business strategies to intrusive government officers–and in front of their competition?


It would appear not.

Even and especially if it exasperates Marsha Marsha MARSHA!


A little while later, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), one of the more outspoken Obamacare critics in Congress, got audibly flustered as she continued to press insurers to reveal their business plans in front of their competitors, pressing the witnesses to give some indication of what Obamacare’s 2015 premiums will be.

It’s hilarious that these free market loving Republicans tried to get private companies to reveal trade secrets to the government and in front of their competitors. It’s like asking Target, KMart, Best Buy, HH Gregg, and Walmart to reveal their Black Friday circulars in July.


Or, it could be because this is new territory for insurers also. How rates will play out will depend on usage and experience, ages of the insured (and the proportions thereof) and how and if those opposed to any coverage for the uninsured relent in their hatred of Obama and his evil insurance law.


What does all this mean? More BENGHAZI!!!


Oh sure…or that.

Wait; Insurance executives are being secretive, uncooperative and non-accountable about their business plans to the Public Sector???

I’m shocked, SHOCKED I tell you.


Marsha’s grasp exceeds her reach…


The little GOP boy who cried wolf has finally lost credibility?

Republicans are becoming a laughing stock with just about everyone who has even a basic grasp of reality.


Republicans are becoming a laughing stock with just about everyone who has even a basic grasp of reality.

Let us hope that it translates in political power and that those with a basic grasp of reality.

When did the Rs supposedly go into the wilderness? 2006? 2008?

Whatever wilderness that was it is nothing to the wilderness the country (at all levels) needs for them to be in for at least a generation.

Think about how profoundly this country has changed since 2000.

Look at recent SCOTUS and Federal judge in the Walker “John Doe” case.

These court decisions combined with an eight year Bush/Cheney administration with a Republican congress a generation or more of regulatory and legal limits have been removed or weakened.

And that’s with a Republican President for only 8 years and a Republican Congress for 6 (?).


We need to get rid of GOP control of any government branch for at least four years to get the scum out of the nooks and crannies of government. Had it not been for gerrymandering, they would already be toast.


It’s so sad when Republicans go after actual evidence to support their pre-fabricated talking points. The looks of disbelief on their face when the realize that reality would be so cruel as to not support their ideology are priceless to behold. What is amazing is that the discovery never leads to them questioning their ideology.

Now, get back to Ben Ghazi, you dirtbags. It’s all you have left and it ain’t much.


Once again, Marsha Blackburn reveals herself to be so stupid that she moves her lips when she watches television.


Apparently Marsha doesn’t realize that rates are set based on actuarial analysis of the previous year’s benefit payouts, which haven’t occurred yet.