Discussion: GOP Senators Are Trying To Work The Refs As Obamacare Repeal Bill Stalls


“The whole point of scoring is to make apples to apples comparisons,” he said. “If you tweak the methodology in the middle of the process of passing a bill, it defeats the purpose of having a scorekeeper.”

Typical Thugocracy. Change the metrics, change the outcome.

Its what they always do when they can’t win an argument, or an election for that matter, on their own.

THEY CHEAT! …and then brag about how everything was above-board so that no one pays attention to the sleight-of-hand changes intended to deceive.


“GOP senators want the Congressional Budget Office to produce new scores of the bill following the CBO’s brutal assessment that their original version would cause 22 million people to lose their health insurance over 10 years and drastically raise out-of-pocket costs for millions more.”

I tried this approach after every one of my Physics tests in High School. The teacher didn’t go for it, however.


The republican-majority senate is nothing more than a thug think-tank.


There are still 27 million uninsured under Obamacare. If that number stays constant, it will lead to approximately 320,000 unnecessary deaths over the next 10 years.

That is what we need to fix. It is good to hear some Democrats now starting to talk about single payer. We need it now. And we need to start messaging for 2018 now.

Just stopping Trumpcare isn’t enough.


They can’t govern and more importantly don’t want to govern.
They want to make things easier for the rich and increase their campaign coffers.
News flash.
All the money in the world won’t save you if you start killing off your constituents


In the words of George Carlin, referring to a bad baseball umpire: “I call 'em as I see 'em; when I don’t see 'em, I make 'em up!” The audacity of the GOP is really stunning; they don’t like an accurate CBO score, so they whine that it should be changed. I really do wonder how much longer they can fool the rubes. Wait until Grandma can’t get her medicine or live in the nursing home and comes to their house to live on cat food. Or not…


Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY), the fourth-highest ranking Republican in the Senate, told reporters that after grilling the CBO’s leaders at the weekly GOP luncheon, he wants them to produce a report that shows “that the preponderance of the people who would not be insured were not actually losing insurance.”

“Because it’s a free country, they would choose, because we eliminate the individual mandate, to not buy insurance,” he said.
Well here is the answer to all of us not driving a Mercedes Benz, we as Americans have chosen not to, damn the price, the salary we make, our expenses and obligations- WE CHOOSE NOT TO.


Right, because if they could just get that 22 million fewer insured down to 21.5 million, public support would totally go from 12% to 100% and the angels would descend from heaven to drape Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell in golden cloaks made from magic pixie dust and America will be great again!

How pathetically desperate of them.


Not disagreeing, but let’s put that number in context.

About 10 or 11 million people are here illegally and cannot participate in the ACA. Several million people lack coverage because their Republican-led state refused to expand Medicaid. Several million people chose not to obtain medical insurance and paid a penalty, or were exempt from a penalty because their income was too low.


Actually, Barrasso’s right. These people aren’t losing their insurance.

They are being ROBBED of their insurance.


Let’s go to the videotape! Yeah, more like a 25 million loss, and a 40+ million loss with a straight repeal. Hate on that, GOP!


Against all odds, the GOP found an honest conservative to run the CBO, and they’re continually flummoxed when he insists on continuing to tell the truth. Fascinating.


The “new” plan causes 32 million to lose their insurance.
That ought to get even more Republicans to support it, because it inflicts pain on more Americans, and that is always a Republican goal.


Yeah, that.

I’m shocked !
It is also interesting to note that they have a completely batshit crazy individual in the White House and we hear… Crickets
Your silence is implied acceptance


And, please note how @georgeh utters “single payer” as if it were some sort of magical mantra, without the slightest description or plan.

This empty regurgitation of their beloved St. Bernie nonsense is no more helpful that republicans trying to work the CBO into giving them a higher score.


that shows “that the preponderance of the people who would not be insured were not actually losing insurance.”

“Because it’s a free country, they would choose, because we eliminate the individual mandate, to not buy insurance,” he said.

My brain just exploded. The GOP should just ignore the CBO and start a new department to score the bill: the COS, Congressional Office of Sophistry.


It’s not a “brutal assessment.” It’s an honest assessment of a brutal bill.


Single payer would be great; we could enjoy it as most of the industrialized world does. But we are in no way going to go from zero to single payer. This whole thing is like trying to make an aircraft carrier turn on a dime. It has to happen incrementally.