Discussion: GOP Senator: 'I'm Not Going To Oppose' Gay Marriage If Voters Want It

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Another GOP profile in courage.


Nice of you to take the will of the people into account, Ron. Broad-minded, statesmanlike.


Would he have said the same thing about slavery? Women’s voting rights?
Must be nice to not have a spine and just go along with whatever the voters want.

The rights of minorities should always be put up to vote! //snrk//


Bless his heart, trying to look moderate and all.
He’s still a pig.


God forbid a lawmaker base his position on what the actual law - in this case the Constitution - requires under any reasonable interpretation.

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Yet again, non-news.

This guy is 100% Koch puppet - all they care about is money. The Culture War is to keep the mouth breathers voting against their own financial interests for the sake of sticking it to the Others.


The Supreme Court has ruled as least 14 times since 1883 that marriage is a fundamental right in this country.

Someone should tell Sen. Johnson that we don’t put our civil rights up for a popular vote.

That’s why we call them RIGHTS.


The BS canard - as if “voters” should be allowed to decide for Equal Rights. Johnson is hoping no one is listening or calling him out…I say BS!

Democrats in Wisconsin have recently tried to pass legislation that would once again put the anti-gay marriage amendment back on the ballots to allow voters another chance to express their preferences.

Republicans have quashed any attempt to put the matter to another vote, while simultaneously whining about the fact that the courts now have a say in the matter.

Perhaps what Johnson means to say is that he won’t oppose gay marriage if that’s what voters wanted back in 2006, but since voters expressed a narrow preference several years ago the matter is settled.

The voters also want sensible gun controls and an end to corporate welfare.


Sounds like somebody is beginning to evolve and grow up. LIve and let live or follow the ‘golden rule.’ It is just that simple Senator.

He knows which way the wind is blowing.

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Especially brave in a state where they’ve already elected a lesbian Senator.


Gee, what a principled guy. One has to admire his standing up for the Constitution and human rights. (Imagine me sticking my finger in my mouth)