Discussion: GOP Senate Candidate Joni Ernst Waffles On Obamacare Repeal

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This is delicious. Yes, please, by all means, repeal this horrible law that is destroying the fabric of our nation, but is also maybe kinda giving millions of people access to health care that they need and want, which we should protect.

I’d applaud Ernst’s ability to withstand cognitive dissonance, but that would imply cognitive abilities on her part.


Joni “the knife” Ernst:

“What we have to do is protect those that are on Medicaid now; those that are on Social Security now. That, we need to protect. We have made promises to these people,”

What about the others who received insurance, the “promises” of protection? Oh yes, I forgot. We CUT them from the government trough like Joni cuts a hog’s scrotum.


“Ernst didn’t point to an alternate funding stream she would support in the Times interview.”

Because the Times… “interviewer” failed to inquire?



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What’s puzzling? I’m against Obamacare but I don’t want to LOOK like I am. Simple.


She followed up by saying she was not a witch.

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Welcome to the real world Joni. Real people have to deal with real problems that are more complex than a simple repeal will fix. She fits right in with the rest of the GOP in Congress- they want to repeal ACA, but keep pieces they like. I bet if you asked her, she could not tell you exactly what she doesn’t like about ACA.

Too bad she’s going to have to go back to snipping hog balls…

Ouch! That is some horrific-looking helmet hair.

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Nailed it! ‘I’m in the general election now, so I have to walk back the crazy. But not to worry, if elected I will go back to being a force for batshit. I wanna be the new Bachmann.’

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People support everything in the law but oppose “Obamacare” because the Republicans have been relentless about their myth-making message.

Meanwhile, congressional Democrats haven’t had the vision to defend Obamacare aggressively, while the president’s been ineffectual in his own defense of it. From the Dems should have gone on the offensive regarding Obamacare by being just as relentless in accusing opponents of opposing health insurance for working families, of being in the pocket special interests, of even supporting the early death of millions of Americans.

She’s got the Fanatic Eyes… ala Bachmann

Ernst’s remarks reflect the changing national politics of Obamacare as millions of Americans gain insurance coverage under the law.

Um, I suspect that they reflect the fact that she doesn’t fully understand what Obamacare does and doesn’t do.

I bet she’s never had an orgasm…just sayin’.

I’m betting you never watched her cut hawgs. Squeal for me, Wilbur. Squeal!

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