Discussion: GOP Sen. Toomey Repeatedly Refuses To Say If He'll Vote For Trump (VIDEO)

The current crop of brave Republicans remind me of the exhibit at the New England Aquarium:

Sea Jellies Exhibit

Dive into the realm of slime, stingers, and brainless, gelatinous goo.

Sea jellies have no brains or bones, but they are some of the best survivors in the world.


There is little doubt he will vote for Trump. He is being coy because he is in PA. It won’t help though. But he will still support the racist.

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I have used this phrase often this campaign season… this Toomey fellah is no profile in courage. What a worm.

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Slimy is as slimy does! Courage anyone? .

I REALLY don’t see what the big deal is. He stated that he could not vote for Clinton in any scenario. So the simple answer is: “I could never vote for Clinton, under any scenario.Therefore, my primary goal has to be to make sure that she is not elected President. Therefore, I will vote for Trump as that vote does the most good in preventing Clinton’s election.”

Refusing to say doesn’t gain him any Clinton voters, MAYBE garners him some Libertarian/Green voters, but not likely.

Spineless to the end, Sockit Toomey…

““I made it clear back in May way back when Donald Trump emerged as the likely nominee that I had serious reservations and serious concerns.”

Ha! As if anything about you is serious, you mealy-mouthed shitdick.

He loses votes no matter what choice he makes, so he just stands there in the spotlight and writhes. It’s pretty painful to see.

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We will send Katie to the Senate.


No. It’s that simple Toomey. If you can’t say it, then it’s safe to assume you are supporting Trump, which means you support his policies, his rhetoric to enact those policies and his style of government to push those policies on the rest of us. Including your daughter and wife.

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