Discussion: GOP Rep. Suggests 'Citizen's Arrest' Of Undocumented Immigrant At SOTU

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Actually, Mo didn’t try arresting her because he was afraid Ana would beat the shit out of him and those bastards in the liberal media would just stand around laughing while getting it on tape. Then he’d have to live with it for the rest of his life.

Can you imagine the campaign commericials in the Alabama 5th?




“The Alabama congressman strongly opposes immigration reform.”

Today’s lesson in implicit redundancy.


GOPers. Stayin classy right to the end.

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Yeppers. These are the same sh*theads who believe that they don’t need the Hispanic vote. There are more than enough White votes out there for them to get and this is gonna do the trick

They only talk tough on their Reich-Winger radio shows. When you confront them in person they wilt like the frightened little boys they are.


Double dumb-ass person spews dumb-ass hate speech. In other words, a republican speaks.

Would he suggest the same to the large agricultural concerns and small farmers in his state?

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everyone who’s ever lost a loved one to an illegal alien

Invasion of the body snatchers?

heh, heh. good ole republican humor. i’m sure it works well with all the latinos they are reaching out to. tipo gracioso.


He’s gonna leave the ‘shootin’ to his constituents …

and be surprised when it happens.

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The only way a Republican would do this is if the illegal wouldn’t work for him for under minimum wage; I’m just saying…

“I was a little bit disappointed in you in that regard. Because you were sitting pretty close to the First Lady’s box. You could’ve walked right over and had a citizen’s arrest and taken care of that problem, right?” Brooks said, laughing.

I would’ve loved for this to happen. He would’ve immediately been tackled by security and arrested for assault.


If I’m not mistaken Ana Zamora is the woman Steve King IA referred to in a tweet during the speech “deportable.” What did this woman ever to do to call down such insults on her by insensitive pols who are only trying to be glib at her expense.

Jorge Ramos of Spanish language media Univision has been trying to warn the GNOP that they will lose if they don’t change their dumbass tactics of trashing Latinos every chance they get.

The Republican Party’s outreach initiative is getting more and more hilarious every day!

What was Ms. Zamora’s crime? It is not a criminal offense to exist.

A Washington Republican miss a chance to put down a minority of some kind? SURELY you jest. Its not a bug, its a feature.