Discussion: GOP Rep. Rips Into Trump, Barr After 'Carefully' Reading Mueller Report

For once I"m not ashamed of the Congresscritter from my district. Kudos to Amash for standing up to the Bully in Chief…even though I still won’t vote for him in any election.

Watch tRump or his party go after him on his ethnicity when all else fails. If being part of the Freedumb Caucus was why he did what he did (as the media seems to imply), then we would be looking at Meadows, Jordan, Collins and all the other dumbshits being onboard that so-called Libertarian bandwagon. Amash just happens to be a real lawyer that went to school and knows something about the Constitution. He knows some real truth about what’s happening. He also represents a very mixed district of mostly moderate Republicans and a bunch of us Democrats in Grand Rapids proper that voted twice for Obama. Its Vern Ehlers old district…a scientist that retired because he couldn’t stand his party’s ignorance on science, and also because he was so fucking old. Its also Gerald Ford’s old district before it was redistricted into the 3rd from the 5th. Amash also knows the bigot in the White House has been a nightmare for immigrants like his own mother and father. As a first generation American I’m sure that has never sat too well with him.


He’s bucking the party, which he’s done before.
He’s been anti-Trump for some time.

But he’s still a Tea Party stalwart.


That’s actually a combination I don’t mind seeing right now - if other Tea Partiers will listen to him we might begin to have a bipartisan impeachment effort.


Although I NEVER expected a Tea Partier be a free thinker. How can a person be a TPer and have any cognitive ability?


Dunno. hahahahahahahaha

We’ve witnessed members of Congress from both parties shift their views 180 degrees—on the importance of character, on the principles of obstruction of justice—depending on whether they’re discussing Bill Clinton or Donald Trump.

Um, Lindsey? Mitch? He’s talking about you.