Discussion: GOP Rep.: Obama 'Stood Up For ISIS' And Not 'The Side Of Freedom'

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If you wanna talk about “disgust,” look in the mirror, Congresswoman.


And it’s nice to see someone stepping forward to take the mantle of “intelligent” Republican Congresswoman from Michel Bachmann and the like.


I really really believe now that Republicans are so brainless that they cannot possibly understand the difference between a refugee and a terrorist. They think all refugees are terrorists, by definition, if they come from Syria.

Totally demented people, Republican congresspeople and other politicians.


I think republicans caused ISIS in Syria when they would not support President Obama when he wanted to get rid of al-Assad when we had the chance to do it. Assad going to war with his own people opened the country up to terrorist. The majority of Syrians hate Assad now because he used chemical weapons on his own people. If the US takes the side of Assad now we will be seen by Syrians to support dictators. The 6 to 7 million Syrians who left the country did not leave just because of ISIS, but because of the Assad government. I doubt that these refugees will go back as long as Assad and his government is in power. Don’t see it happening.


It’s just so easy to blame Obama when the media is complicit by bringing every ex-military general to come on and complain about his foreign policy and the spineless democrats who side with republicans


Dumbass hillbilly moron. You are everything that is wrong with this country, you ignorant bimbo.


This is why I believe there is a hell. People like this pol and Daesh and all the rest deserve a place where they can fight over ‘who is worse?’ for an eternity.

Someone so absolutely bound by fear and cowardice, claiming he is free, is just comedy.


Another unknown blank slate pulled from the back bench to sing from the hymn book, again. It’s kinda sad.


Another GOPer gets added to the Pants Wetting Caucus.


Exactly… my first thought, “Say What?”… because you believe in doing what is right you side with the terrorists??? dumb, dumb, dumb, but you can bet the Right will eat it up…


The only one politicizing this bullshit are the ones that voted for that gawd-awful bill. It would tie the hands and heads of security agencies by conducting useless busy work, that would in effect keep them less focused on their main occupation keeping the country safe. That’s the real deflection going on here.

I think this bill is the House’s weak attempt to wash its hands of any responsibility to address real terrorism and American security. Dangerous people coming here on an open visa from Europe would more likely pose problems regarding terrorism than scared and oppressed Syrian refugees…and the truth is, these legislators don’t want to address that because, well, “its complicated.” They’d have to look into their own European roots to restrict travel, and its so much easier for them to just scapegoat an entire ethnic group instead. Besides, they still haven’t voted on a AUMF on Syria after 3 long years…so there’s that level of hypocrisy too.

Cheap rhetoric by this Congresswoman isn’t gonna change a fucking thing no matter how many times she blurts out FREEDUMB and tries desperately to insult the President to score political chits among Islamophobes in her party. This stupid bill is giving ISIL exactly what they want and doesn’t in any way address serious problems related to terrorism.


Racist gobbledegook.


I used to say that the Republican Party had become Monty Python’s Silly Party, but I was mistaken.

It has now become the Asshole Party!


SURE HE HAS??? does this woman listen to anything???.. #allaboutthegop. go get your horse and march off to battle… lady… thats what the GOPEE wants anyway #ugh

We decided to pick a fight and stand up for ISIS and stand up against the side of freedom and to pick a fight with not just Republicans, but Democrats, over this refugee issue,” Wagner said. “It is a politicization. It is a deflecting measure.”

FIFY whackjob


“It is a politicization. It is a deflecting measure.”

And meanwhile, Rep. Wagner, the Congress, led by your Republican party, has yet to approve an AUMF which the President requested almost a year ago.

They haven’t even scheduled a discussion on it yet.

Your party also failed to back President Obama up in 2013 when he threatened military action in Syria over Assad’s use of outlawed chemical weapons, but who then deferred to Republicans’ cries of overreach and invited Congress to weigh in.

As I recall, Senators Cruz and Rubio at that time said hitting Assad would be tantamount to acting as “ISIS’s Air Force.”

Even the United Nations, which your party loves to denigrate as feckless and made up of anti-American members, managed to pass a resolution opposing ISIS.

So who is actually deflecting and politicizing?


They will do and say anything to demonize our President. It started in 2008 and has continued to this day. My guess, it will continue long into the future. Look what has happened with President Carter. I am very sick of it!


Wow another bat-sh*t crazy Michele Bachman replica is running around on Capitol Hill…what a shame!

No Rep Ann Wagner, you being the GoPer that you are…are ISIS yourself with that evil mindset the you choose to possess. Remember HATE is a “learned behavior” and is often related to a severe mental illness.

She’s the first place winner loser in the Scaly Fiorina look alike contest

Lookie at them thar teeth!!!

And this…