Discussion: GOP Rep: Obama Doesn't Think US Is 'Exceptional' So He Won't Stop ISIL

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Representative Smith…put your money where your mouth is. Grab a gun and go to Iraq or Syria and fight ISIL…until you do, all you want is to get young Americans killed in the name of Imperialism.


Sorry, Rep. Smith. That train left the station last week. You just look like a Rudy wannabe right now.

Also? You really should consider freeing that small animal glued to your head.


Pouring money down a rathole after 13 years of pouring money down a rathole isn’t “exceptional”, it’s stupid.


There’s a pattern developing here. Unexceptional wingnuts are weighing in on how the president is not exceptional. He hates America. He doesn’t respect American values because Hawaii and Indonesia and black father. Someone else pointed out here recently that these are their first steps in bolstering their right wing nominee whoever it might be, and at the same time establishing the right amount of hate towards the left, and it will inevitably pull the malleable smarter brother to the right just so he can get along.


I think it’s tumbleweed.

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What kind of “exceptional nation” denigrates its leaders this way? What nation united in its desires to rid the world of terrorism tolerates remarks like this?

Obama does not report to the Representative nor does he let him read his diary. Obama, as POTUS, is working with scads of information Lamar has no knowledge of. But don’t hold your breath waiting for a journalist to ask Lamar how he KNOWs what he’s saying. That isn’t going to happen.

I cannot imagine America’s enemies don’t relinquish all this trash talk aimed at Obama. It shows us to be rife with unproductive infighting and discontented. Angry and unhappy. And that’s exactly what they want. ISIS and Al Q want you to feel the way Lamar’s remarks make you feel.


Let’s see … if I were an enemy of the United States, I’d be getting aid and comfort from reading that an elected official is trashing the President with no basis in reality. What’s the word for that? It’s right on the tip of my brain … thinking … thinking …

Update: Looks like RichardinJax beat me to it. Thanks, Obama!


Every word out of this guy’s mouth was an easily provable lie. It’s journalistic malpractice not to point that out.

“One might hope that he would be a little bit more responsive and a little bit more assertive and, frankly, trying to assert American power and provide weapons to individuals who are our allies, for example, or take actions to stop the atrocities that are occurring, or support other nations that are doing more than we are. But the president is doing none of these things,” Smith continued.

Just plain false.


We are bombing almost daily. We have advisers on the ground, drones in the air. Supplying Jordan and Egypt. And the man from Texas says we are doing nothing.

I wonder if he would vote for a general tax increase to pay for more?


Do these clowns think the president is going to be running for a third term? Or is it they just can’t help themselves with the dog whistles and the thinly veiled hate? I guess it stirs up the dimwitted GOP base, but as far as any moderate independents, and certainly for any African Americans, how is all this nonsense helpful to the GOP’s electoral chances in 2016?


Now this repuke spews his stinking bile.

They are also over eager to re-establish themselves as the party of war, something that Obama threatened. Look to hear repeatedly in the months ahead how W. was really the one who got Bin Laden, for example.

The level to which they are going with this meme currently is indicative of how scared they are that the W stink is going to stick to JEB, particularly with regards to foreign policy.

But notice how this is being played out. JEB himself is saying nothing on the matter…its all other people getting their hands dirty for him. JEB is staying “above the fray”. In this case, he is even getting a twofer, watching Walker mishandle the situation.


American Exceptionalism again, how much Obama doesn’t love his country, the terrists win, 'cuz!
Roger Ailes’s talking points for the week.

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But an exceptional asshole.

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OhbUMMer shOULD be acTING unilaTERALLY to DEStrY ISIL but HE’s SITTINg around paSSING the BUCK to COngress FOR a limiTED aUTHORIzation to GO to WAR. WHY doeS he NOT act? BECAUSE he haTEs AMErican EXCEPTIONALISMS!1!!!one!!1!!!


Hmmmm. The GOP understands that President Obama isn’t running, right?

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Obama doesn’t love the US and won’t go after Bin Laden, cuz he loves the Muslims. OH Wait, never mind.


What is their obsession with this word “Exceptional”?

Lamar Alexander is an exceptionally dense and unremarkable as a legislator. He’s an EXCEPTIONAL TYPE OF IDIOT. It takes an unusually plotting and maniacal brain to come up with such a hollow criticism of this particular President, the first-ever black man elected to the highest office in the free world.