Discussion: GOP Rep: McCarthy Needs To Apologize To Benghazi Victim Families (VIDEO)

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One of the weirder aspects of this controversy is the idea that the GOP has really harmed Hillary’s chances of becoming president (whether at citizens’ expense or not). She still leads all Democrats and easily beats every one of the GOP clowns.


Well, well, a silent teasvengali does a rare talkie…The Benghazi Committee fire must be getting hot enough to evaporate tea. House of Bubblegum Cards would be more fitting for this Texas billionaire-owned junior clown.


Golly, the GOPers are really going full frenzy on this. They’re desperately trying to save their credibility, what little there is, by sacrificing and destroying Kevin McCarthy. No speakership for you!


The last point depends on which poll you cite.

According to the most recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll (released this week), Hillary Clinton leads Jeb Bush by 1 point and Trump by 10, but trails Carson and Fiorina by 1 point each. Joe Biden actually outperforms her in all four hypothetical matchups.

Driving down her negatives perhaps. These are really hard to overcome once they’ve “set” in public opinion.

One thing conservatives do well is eat their own for not sticking to the talking points


Sure, it’s fairly simple to have high poll numbers if you’re not having to get into the mud with the actual candidates. In this case, we have Clinton being the target of a long term smear and insinuation campaign which exacerbates the normal hit that one takes when having to deign to compete.

Why pollsters insist on including someone who’s not a candidate in their normal polling is an interesting question though.


The Republican Party needs to apologize to the families and to the American People for the witch hunt they conducted over Benghazi.


Pretty sad that this is what it takes to get people (including MSM) to realize this was always a political ploy with no merit.


The GOP could show its remorse to the BEGHAZI!!!1!! families by engaging in mass seppuku.

Haha…so convenient…the Teatrolls don’t want McCarthy as Speaker, so they’re actually going to do us a favor here.

2016 may just be the most glorious political farce in our country’s history if the Teatrolls get the Speaker they want. The serpent has had its tail in its mouth for 7 years now, and we just might finally get to watch it swallow.


The MSM knew it, and propagated it. They were complicit in it. They’re as bummed as anyone that McCarthy spilled the beans in public.

Fuck the MSM, the worthless trolls.


There is no way in hell or on earth that Hillary loses to that fucking pathologically lying failed CEO Fiorina or the evolution-denying Dr. Carson.

Or a fuck named “Bush” for that matter.


That was what they said about Trump at first–negatives too high, and you just can’t change those (until he did dramatically and quickly).

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Ah, the smell of an internecine war for the Speakership in the morning!!

And then he, issa and gowdy should RESIGN!

How about all you GOTP NRA fluffers apologize for this:


It still early. And they have had an impact on her polling numbers and her campaign. Since its taxpayer money and doesn’t directly come out of GOP donations (indeed, they eve fund raise OFF of the committee) why not do it, from their perspective?

When he eventually announces he isn’t running, her numbers are going to get a big lift, and its going to make all those stories about Sanders “closing the gap” very embarrassing.

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