Discussion: GOP Rep.: 'Fair Number' In House Would Vote To Impeach Obama

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“If you were to ask persons and many folks in the House, has the
president violated the law and will he be worthy of impeachment, I think
a fair number of people would say yes,” Flores said during a telephone
town hall last week, according to audio obtained by Buzzfeed."

Well, that’s like saying a fair number of House republicans are brain dead idiots.


“We have no plans to impeach the President. We have no future plans,”- Boehner


We have no policies of our own that can win us a national election in the foreseeable future. We are also unable to actually govern so therefore we are left with several choices. 1.block everything the other side proposes, 2. do nothing and 3. try to impeach every Democratic President.

The mission statement of the modern Republican Party


That’s the third time today those damned Democrats tried to force us into talking about impeachment!


Does “fair number” mean maybe ten (10) in actual count?

So it’s still a HUGE stretch to get a majority?


Just once could a reporter ask: “Exactly what would be the charges against the President?”

Would love to hear the answer.


Wait, I’m lost. Are they still pretending they didn’t initiate the impeachment talk to share their bullshit bravado fetish with their constituents, or are the Democrats going to impeach?

Can they really have it both ways?


Right. The democrats are so persuasive that the GOP is just going to go ahead and do what they say. (snark)


Personally, I think the best move would be for the Republicans in congress to actually get serious about governing!

And Boehner did say he had no plans to shut down government. See what happened.


The conspiracy to trap the GOP into doing what they want to do widens.


I think he meant “fair” as in skin color. :wink:


Bill is one of those guys hollering that the federal govenment needs to spend less money than it takes in, just like people do.

Except he’s got two mortgages totaling $1.5 million

LOL. i’ll just bet he calls himself an average guy, too.


Staggeringly, breathtakingly stupid. This is like the first 30 or so attempts to defund or repeal the Affordable Care Act. With all the issues facing America— a crumbling infrastructure, income inequality, climate change, immigration reform— THIS is what they come up with???


I bet if you sprinkle some miracle grow on this guy, flowers would grow out his ears. lol Flores Flowers of scented enlightenment.


This just shows the strength of Boehner’s leadership. He says only the White House staff and Democrats are talking about impeachment.
Yet you’ve had some members of the GOP SINCE THEN actively discussing and even encouraging impeaching the president.

Didn’t they get the memo? Is Boehner leading from behind?

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Ah, c’mon, say it like it would really be written in the GOP mission statement: “try to impeach every Democrat President”

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“‘Fair Number’ In House Would Vote To Impeach Obama”

Gee and the Waterboarders never, ever say WHY.

I’m guessing the Dims will let this base riling opportunity slip away. Again.

Well it’s not like they want to do actual work for the American people. Because that would be like helping government function and doing their jobs. They can’t have that.

I liken their actions to sitting in class doodling squiggly lines on a notepad while waiting for the schoolbell to ring. Sure it looks like you’re doing something, but you’re really just wasting time on something that is not very useful.