Discussion: GOP Rep.: Border Wall Is A 'Metaphor,' 'No One' Believed Mexico Would Pay (VIDEO)

The cynicism is breathtaking in this one.


It wasn’t “campaign rhetoric" or “metaphor,” you corrupt old shill. It was a self-deluding LIE.


So you in the House appropriated $1.6 billion for a metaphor?


And who said Republicans don’t support the arts?


Voters believed it! That’s how the POS got elected!


It’s good to know that T rump supporters voted for a metaphor.

That makes T rump a metaphor for the biggest, loudest idiot in the history of mankind.


Rep. Francis Rooney (R-FL) said DT’s proposed border wall with Mexico was a “metaphor for border security” and the $1.6 billion for the border wall in the House passed budget bill are metaphorical dollars that will not add to the metaphorical deficit because they will be offset by increased metaphorical tax revenue or metaphorical spending cuts.


He should give it another try. Metaphors are used to make a point clear. We all understand how rocks fall. So if I say I fell like a rock through the roof you’ll know what I’m trying to convey. I fell hard. There’s no way you can take Trumps statements on the wall and make metaphors out of them. They were not constructed as metaphors and the had no metaphorical reference. They were declarative statements. Metaphors don’t make antithetical points. And no one, including the Senator above, let us know at the time that what Trump meant was Mexico wasn’t going to pay but he was just making a bad metaphor to say that. No one said…heyy…it’s just a figure of speech. No one.

One of the most lethal angles Trump’s opponents have at him is this wall stuff. he was lying on a grand scale when he said those things and had he fessed up prior to the election he’d not be in the WH.


Trumpsplaining at its finest. And I believe there were about 60 million people who really thought (still think) that an actual wall would be built and that Mexico would pay for it. If they are paying attention today, or if they’ve been paying attention the past 6 months, I kind of think the word “duped” might be their vocabulary word of the day.


Calling it a metaphor during the campaign would have incited much gruesome violence, all egged on by Trump at his campaign rallies.

Once again the formula holds: R + FL = Asshole.

Of course the Asshole-elect and people like this convinced the knuckle dragging voters they appealed to that Mexico was going to pay for the wall. Anyone with an IQ above an orange knew that, if built, the US taxpayers would be stuck with the cost for the fucking thing.

Metaphore, my ass Sad.

HEY! I’m eating an orange right now! You just made it seem gross!

Drax understands metaphors better than Trump and this guy


It’s good to keep in mind, that, although Trump is a coarse buffoon, the kinds of things the GOP would be pushing in congress like Tax “reform”, undermining healthcare, destroying environmental regulations and standards, their fight against GCC mitigation, etc., would proceed similarly under a President Rubio or JEB! Jeff Flake criticizes Trump because he’s a boor. Trump is not good at the usual GOP “soft-sell duplicitousness”. Flake votes with Trump almost 100 percent of the time. He’s no different than this Rooney gentleman. The entire GOP is a band of brigands and vandals.


The White House should issue a blanket statement covering everything Trump has said in the public square, going back, say, 20 years.

“It was a joke. Ignore it. Nevermind.”

Just re-issue that statement for every media story written from this point forward.

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I doubt many of the folks that fell for the wall lie would know what a metaphor is.

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What do all of the delusional Trumpettes think of this? What about Ann Coulter? She was one of the main ones pushing for a wall and then complaining that nothing had progressed in terms of construction. Was it a metaphor to her? What about the wall prototypes that are being built?

And once the campaign is over, it’s time to move on to governing,” Rooney said.

Great! When will you start?

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Zinda. His eyes black. His face red.