Discussion: GOP Rep. Blames Rival Candidate For Spreading Prostitution Claims

GOP’er and Prostitutes? Just a family values guy polling his electorate.

Nothing new here, folks, move on…

It’s funny how the scent of Republican family values smells exactly like the scent of bullshit.

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“I’m the REAL victim here!”

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Kennedy is blameless. He even said so.

"I want to be very clear that my campaign played absolutely no role in creating this story alleging Congressman Boustany’s sexual relationships with prostitutes that were later murdered, his staff’s alleged involvement in running the bar and hotel where this illicit behavior took place, or publishing the book Murder in the Bayou written by Ethan Brown and published by Simon and Schuster,” state Treasurer John Kennedy, a Republican, said in a statement obtained by the AP.

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Why doesn’t the GOP just put legal prostitution into their platform? It would solve a major problem that plagues about 70% of their members.
Of course, getting the “rent boy” plank into their platform might be a tad more difficult.

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“Meth-dealing-rent-boy” might get it out of committee.

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Indeed, if Ted Haggard and Larry Craig lobby for it!


What a hunka-hunka-burnin’-sludge!

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Here is the problem. Why did, Boustany wait so long to counterattack IF the allegations are wholly or mostly false? These are extraordinarily, politically toxic allegations. Campaign 101 (and Politics 101) is if the attack is false immediately get out in front and attack, attack. Now there are a certain number who will not believe you but those were probably lost causes to begin with. LA politics has never been beanbag. Boustany waited too long if there is nothing to the allegations. He is toast and it will be interesting to see who he brings down with him.

“I had absolutely nothing to do with these stories about my opponent having sex with crack whores, embezzling money from starving families, stealing collection plates from churches, or manufacturing meth in his bathroom with his 18 illegitimate mulatto children. Why, everyone KNOWS a Republican is incapable of such slander! Oh, and he might have given a Handy-J to Colin Kaepernick - but you didn’t hear that from me!”

‘it’s not MY fault my name turned up in the Madam’s black book and I find it unseemly that my opponents choose to make an issue of it during this political campaign’

‘I apologize to anyone who is offended by this… please vote for me’

~Rep. Charles Boustany~

And suddenly, after seeing his pictures, untold thousands of Louisiana residents feel better about themselves, knowing that not in a million years or no matter how drunk or high they may be, they will never wake up next to a filthy, ugly motherfucker like Congressman Boustany. Thank the goddesses for small favors!

He’s almost as sexy as that other Republican heartthrob, the late Fred “Narcotized Bloodhound” Thompson.
Can’t you just smell the cigar smoke and Aqua Velva on this guy? (H/T: Tweety)

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Ahh, the classic, “When did you stop beating your wife? (And sleeping with whores?)” tactic.

Louisiana has no problem with politicians and prostitutes (GOP politicians).
Dave Vitter put that one to rest some time back.
But this is really, REALLY, weird.