Discussion: GOP Rep. Bashes Colleague: 'He's Al Qaeda's Best Friend In The Congress'

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And so it begins. The Great Shitstorm of our times.


At least when a wolf gnaws off his leg when stuck in a trap, he knows it is his own leg.

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That’s dumb. It’s obviously a much better idea to gnaw off someone else’s leg!

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Nunes was my congress-cretin when I lived near Visalia in California’s San Joaquin Valley, which is California’s “Oklahoma.” Ultra-conservative, except for demanding lots of irrigation water from publicly funded water projects for the rich local growers [note the snarky reference to endangered fish and San Francisco Dems], Nunes almost always ran unopposed.

Not that Amash is any gift to governance but Nunes is a total pendejo.


I love it when the covert civil war between the neo-feudal warlordist and big government oligarchst factions of the GOP surfaces.


I think I’ve mentioned before that someone I once knew liked to say, “It’s like professional wrestling. You don’t care who wins as long as there is lots of blood.”


“Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA): Justin Amash is Al Qaeda’s best friend in the Congress.”

And Devin Nunes is Orville Redenbacher’s best friend in Congress.

Mmmm…salty, buttery goodness….


I’ve got mine, how about you?

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Come, on, fellas! Use your words!

Oh, right… you are! :slight_smile:

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Next he’ll accuse him of wanting cut-and-run.

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There are more Okies in the San Joaquin Valley than there are in Oklahoma.

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HA that’s a perfect description of how I feel. I’m sitting here on the sidelines, not rooting for either people involved. Just crunching my non-butter flavored popcorn, smiling…

Tee heee.
It’s so nice to see the GOPteabaggers using their anti-USA non-patriots terrorist sympathizer talking points against one another . Hey Nunes and Rogers, kick it up a notch and accuse Amash of BOWING to Arab leaders and robots!!!

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These people truly have no decency to compare a colleague to the murders of thousands of people.

To call an Arab American Congressman Al Qaeda’s Best Friend crosses the line to unacceptable discourse.

Fortunately Rep. Nunes is from California. If a more moderate, or less racist, Republican runs then it is possible for this to be an R-on-R election in the fall, and Nunes can be sent home for his bigotry and lack of comity .

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We’re talking about republicans here. Using unacceptable discourse is how they roll.

Yes, there’s something definitely mentally wrong with many of them.

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Please proceed, wingnuts.

Another way of putting that is “rooting for injuries”.

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That image isn’t coming through…at least not on my end.