Discussion: GOP Lawmakers Flirt With Drastic Change To How U.S. House Map Is Drawn


The last gasp of a dying political party…

Rest in Hell…


C’mon, people, nothing to see here … they’re just trying to return power to the people the Framers had in mind when they set up our country.

You know … white male property-owning citizens.

Complete with that original definition of “property.”


There are days when Jim Crow takes off the sheet and you wonder if we’re going to need a war of violence to overthrow these bastards, a war that will destroy the nation we love. They’re hopeless.


I guess it’s back to taxation without representation. Well, the Backwards Party is that way.


“Republicans have proposed legislation to amend the Constitution to exclude noncitizens from congressional apportionment.”

Surely, we can agree to compromise on this.

Maybe count some people as only three-fifths of a person.

Something like that.


“If noncitizens are ineligible to vote in a federal election, why would noncitizens be included in the formula for congressional apportionment?” [Handel] said."

Because they live here and are subject to our laws. And pay taxes. And work for American companies. And have children who are citizens. Not everything is about voting - and by extension, political power.


I’ve gotta be missing something – wouldn’t the GOP be shooting themselves in the foot on this kind of plan? Texas and Arizona would be willing to have fewer electoral college votes and fewer representatives? The current GOP senators/reps from those states are going to along with this plan?


Anyone who dares support this publicly is a dirty traitor and should be treated as one. These scumbags don’t deserve to call themselves Americans.


They can’t die off quick enough for things to change for the better in this country.


The right to vote is indeed precious. Here’s hoping Dems take full advantage of their vote this November or they may have to forever hold their peace.


“If noncitizens are ineligible to vote in a federal election, why would noncitizens be included in the formula for congressional apportionment?” she said.

Well, you know what they say. No taxation without representation.

These folk believe immigrants contribute nothing to this country or to the economy. Their sole purpose in focusing on citizenship is to hang onto their power by criminalizing the dreams that all of our ancestors came here to achieve.

Rep. Karen Handel (R-GA), whose red state is gradually turning purple as its immigrant population grows, suggested in her questions for Marshall that all noncitizens — not just undocumented immigrants — should be excluded from congressional apportionment.

Of course, non-citizens share no interest in how federal policies affect their families’ lives. They are only here for free stuff, like liberty and freedom from gangs and cartels and wars. They share no values with those of our ancestors who came here for those exact same reasons.


Have to admit that I would vote for this idea in a second.


Farewell blue wave. It’s going to take violence in the streets to overturn the trump/gop regime, despite or majority in the population

This plan is one of those classic self-owns that the GOP has made a regular occurrence this year.

The GOP has benefited from growing populations in the South driven by liberal transplants, minorities and immigrants while they’ve kept a tight hold on white voters (winning 70%-75% in several states). So the GOP has essentially increased their electoral strength and power in the House of Representatives off the backs of people who don’t vote for them.

If they reduce the overall population for electoral purposes, it means they’ll get less electoral votes and fewer representatives. It also means that when they draw districts they’ll have to include more Democratic leaning voters in more districts which limits their ability to gerrymand. If you look at Austin, TX right now, the GOP has Swiss Army knifed the f**k out of that region to create several safe GOP districts. In a model where there are fewer electoral votes and fewer districts to draw, liberal voters will be more plentiful on a per district making more of them purple. You can’t box all the city folk into 1 or 2 districts while slicing/dicing suburbs.

The other point of this (and Handel seems to get it in a subversive way) is that the GOP has this myth that all these brown folks running around the country are illegal immigrants. They’re not. Most are citizens. Trump has already caused a record number of green card holders to naturalize as citizens. Any move like this will increase that trend rapidly. At the end of the day, the GOP’s base of working class white voters is getting tapped out in district by district, even in rural areas (check out the demos in CA’s rural districts). The GOP’s WWC and evangelical base is going to have to accept diversity whether they like it or not, or try to break up the Republic or and create white enclaves.


This article should point out more clearly that in all of U.S. history, even when citizenship was a question on the Census (for example in the early 1900s), it was never used as a basis for excluding noncitizens from apportionment calculations.


I’m sure the way the new maps would be drawn would only minimize the number of Democrat-voting districts in TX, AZ, etc.


I have sympathy for the argument “if they can’t vote, we shouldn’t allocate reps based on their existence.”

But your argument, about non-voters being subject to our laws and having to pay taxes and all the rest of the trappings of being a member of our society, is entirely convincing. I’m glad you took the time to share it.

Also, the Constitution seems pretty clear about counting all people.


A wise man once said:

“Better to lurk and be thought a tool for racist GOP policies than to post and remove all doubt.”

(Or something.)