Discussion: GOP Lawmaker: Obama Has 'Grand Plan' To Make US 'Single-Party State'

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When they say “Democrat (sic) Party”, you’ve heard all you need to know about what kind of wingnut they are.


The Republican Party might disappear?

As an atheist, let me just say: from your lips to God’s ear.


Aren’t people tired of hearing their incessant Obama complaints and conspiracy theories? They’re like listening to a teenager on a long trip that they didn’t want to take. Waa waaa waaa waaa waaa.


While the details of this devilish plan are interesting, I must admit that the quality of Obama’s anti-Christ-ness is rather lacking after all these years of threats and very little to show for it.


Bibi Fleming?


Undocumented immigrants are “very, very consistent Democrat voters” who “come from cultures that look to government for solutions,” he said.

We have a lot of “undocumented immigrants” here in Arizona, and I’m pretty sure that none of them get to vote in our elections. If they did, THEN THEY’D BE ACTUALLY DOCUMENTED CITIZENS! The level of ignorance, demagoguery and just plain batshit on the right is breathtaking.


Well, you know as well as I do he’s just biding his time. And the lack of evidence of his AntiChristeyness just shows how clever he is at hiding that evidence. It amounts to more proof! That’s simple logic.


"Fleming added that Democrats had already turned California into a single-party state, “and you see the devastating impact it’s having there.””

Yes…just one manifestation of which is the strange weather they’ve been having.


Now wait just a darn second, I thought I heard a few days ago the Hispanics were actually conservatives?


Rep. John Fleming (R-LA) warned radio listeners Monday that President Obama hopes create a “single-party” nation for Democrats

Project much?

  • Republicans destroying unions.
  • Republicans destroying ACORN
  • Republicans gutting the Voting Rights Act
  • Republicans suppressing the vote by voter ID laws
  • Republicans suppressing the vote by eliminating early voting

and in the future

  • Republicans change the Electoral College rules in swing states.

Fleming added that Democrats had already turned California into a single-party state, "and you see the devastating impact it’s having there.”

Yes, three years straight of growth at rates higher than the rest of the country and a ranking as the 8th largest economy in the world, absolutely terrifying.

I’m mean just look at this striking rebuke on how horrible it is for business in California.


Oh, wait that is actually 7th largest, damn it is hard to keep up with it growing so fast. :wink:



Wait one minute. That’s God’s plan, you blasphemous goon. What’s the matter, you don’t believe that if it happens, God willed it?

You’re gonna burn in hell for eternity, there, boy – better stuff your heathen racist blasphemin’ ass with crawdaddy etouffee while you still can and get right with the Lard!


It is a basic principle of conspiracy theororizing that anything that tends to disprove the theory is part of the conspiracy.


" Fleming added that Democrats have already turned California into a single party state, and you see the devastating impact it’s having there."

The Republicans have turned South Carolina into a one party state and you can see the devastating impact that’s having here.


They hate you for your wineries.


South Carolina has always been a one party state. The party has just changed several times over the years.


Well, not me personally. I’m in Nebraska and our wineries honestly aren’t that good in my experience. We have developed a nice selection of microbreweries in recent years though, at least in my area.

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With all the republican effort to restrict voting rghts and access, Ithink we understand which party is really trying to acquire hegemony.
If you register to vote, save yourself the hassle; register as a republican - you don’t have to vote for them, eh?

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Fleming added that Democrats had already turned California into a single-party state, "and you see the devastating impact it’s having there.”

Oh yeah, it’s just “devastating” that California is STILL the 8th largest economy IN THE WORLD. Thing is, ill bet that most of the voters in his gerrymandered district have yet to travel to Californiaemphasized text