Discussion: GOP Lawmaker Apologizes For Linking Obama To ISIL In Facebook Post

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Once again, the non-apology apology. The local press and his Democratic colleagues in the State House need to call him out on this. And if I were the DNC et al, I would be pitching the cumulative collection of these incidents to TIME - perphaps the last relatively mass media that might be willing to shed light on this continuing and unprecedented denigration of the President.*

It’s time to put this cast of characters on full display for the country to see.

  • I would also expect them to thoroughly review how Democratic elected officials and party leaders referred to GW Bush during his time in office, and be prepared to counter the “well the liberal media never covered it” backlash.

Racist piece of excrement!


This slob is actually proud of himself.


Shouldn’t TPM once in a while post articles on thoughtful and compassionate statements that Republican lawmakers and party chairpersons have made as well as actions that reflect the intelligence behind those statements?

Oh, you want new material? Something at least after 1978?


It’s like coming into a room, taking a giant shit in the middle of the floor, leaving and then saying oopsie! about that shit I left; I went overboard with the bran muffins I ate last night.

This guy took time and thought in posting what he did. What a coward to then turn around and blame “an error of judgment”. This guy is too old and is in a position where he must THINK before he acts. What he did was deliberate and his “apology” is bullshit. If he can’t act in a more grown up way, perhaps he needs to stay the fuck off of Facebook. And we should certainly expect better behavior from a state senator.


Dear Republicans; You don’t do funny. Humor is beyond your abilities. Just stop.


God help me, I gotta admit to laughing like crazy at the “bran muffin” reference!

Of course, I agree with you. He’s abjectly sorry he used Facebook for his racism (which appears to be a haven for stoopid racists of all stripes). I’m not on Facebook and never will be. Guess he’ll have to go back to e-mailing friends and family with “positing these things about Obama.”


Email: mikeblackbear@gmail.com

He’s using a private email address to do government work!


Good one. Here’s another: If you ordered a truckload of assholes and only got Willette, you could not quibble that you did not get what you bargained for.


What often strikes me about the antics of these bigots is how puerile and un-funny their “humor” is. They really seem to be emotionally and intellectually stunted, with a total lack of anything resembling wit.


F***ing jackass!


Its a type, authoritarian to be exact.
I think that they are too busy worrying about running/ruining other people’s lives to realize how off the rails their own are.

This counts as at least three strikes. The offensiveness of the joke, the disrespect to the POTUS and the sheer ignorance of going beyond laughing and posting it on Facebook. After all of this, not recognizing and admitting the wrong in the content was just par for the course.

Michael Willette, today’s dumbest person in the world.


Maine, Alabama-- what’s the difference?

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Why could he not “pass this one up”?
Burnishing his Racist Cred with the mouth-breathers was just too succulent.


FUCK. YOU. MAINE. Fucking northern redneck cocksuckers.

Easy Tiger - Not all of us are!


Damn. Obama’s relatives are going to be pissed that HE’S BOMBING THE SHIT OUT OF THEM.


Well, sure boss-but don’t hold your breath.

Tired of this GOP Bravo Sierra where they make outlandish statements and then apologize when anyone with a brain knows they meant every word of the original comments. Ask him if he was an SAE!