Discussion: GOP Escalates Confrontation With White House On Climate Change

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Perhaps they can pass a law that changes physics so that global warming doesn’t happen. Maybe they could reverse gravity while they’re at it.


This is the exact same time-wasting House sponsored legislation that did so well in repealing Obamacare, and THAT bill went on for more than 50 votes! I predict exactly the same result here.

Or maybe the House will never bother to bring this to a vote, the Republicans will just use it to raise money from coal and oil industries for the 2014 elections. That’s all this is. Let’s be clear; election year politics, not serious legislation, what the Republican House does all the time.


nothing like confirming the stereotype that you are the “party of NO”


At least they’re doing something, wrongheaded as it may be.

Yes, GOP. Shut down the government in protest over clean air for kids in October of an election year.

Come on, fuckers. I know you’re stupid enough to pull the trigger.

Pull it.


GOP/Bagger charlatans cannot “spin” their obstructionism when they overtly author legislation like this.

Currently, nothing like this legislation is going anywhere… more waste of the taxpayer dime…

So last time you thought it was a great idea to shut down the government to stop it from giving health insurance to the poor?
Now you think it’s a great idea to shut down the government to stop it from keeping our air and water clean …
I don’t know who the GOP genius is that comes up with this stuff, but as a Dem, I say give that guy a raise.


But certainly HRC would be able to “get shit done.” According to Beltway insiders that I should supposedly be listening to.

Gravity, Thermodynamics, Newton’s law of motion, evolution, heck, repeal them all in one big omnibus bill. !!


Further proof that Pro-Life = More potential victims.

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From day 1, the GOP leadership was willing to destroy the U.S. economy hoping to make the Black guy look bad. Now they are willing to risk life on the planet to prove their bigotry is sincere.

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they finally write a bill (or borrow one from lobbyists) and this is what they think is important?

What jackasses they all are.

Well, we know that they are dumb enough to fight this to the bitter end. So who knows what happens? Thing is, it is impossible to convince climate deniers of nearly anything once they have it in their minds to go against it.

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" It'll ultimately be left up to House Speaker John Boehner and McConnell to decide how hard to fight this battle" --

     To use the words "Boehner" and "hard" in the same sentence takes a lot of  "balls" ! !  

They have this small problem of trying to get the bill through the Senate and signed by the President. No play.

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That healthcare was not exclusively for the poor, as it turns out. Millions of non-poor people are benefitting from ACA every day.

Good for getting more money from the Koch Brothers, I guess.