Discussion: GOP Congressman Comes Out In Favor Of Marriage Equality

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Sounds like someone’s facing a tough battle for re-election.


He added that support for same-sex marriage fits with the GOP push for limited government.

No fucking shit!?!???



This was the expected path that conservatives would switch to as the dominoes continued to fall. Expect a LOT more of this after November.


Profile in Courage. Next he’ll come out in support of evolution.


Mind boggling, isn’t it? How quickly a shift in public opinion changes a politician’s mind.


I wouldn’t expect or count on it. So many of their congressional districts are tightly gerrymandered, and the majority of the Senate seats they hold are in Republican strongholds. There’s nothing in it for them to come out strongly in favor of gay marriage and risk a primary challenger next time around.


I’ve listened to Milt Shook at pleasecutthecrap.com, in his podcasts he talks about gerrymandering and he says it’s a minor factor. The big factor is turnout, if we get our shit together, give all the Democratic voters a reason to vote and maximize turnout, then the gerrymandering issue goes away. But the main point is we have to win statehouses if we are to fix the gerrymandering issue.

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No doubt, I’ve long believed the gerrymandering issue has been way overblown where it concerns general elections but I was talking about Republicans embracing gay marriage. It’s not going to happen en masse for a long time. IIRC only 2 or 3 including the latest have come out in favor of marriage equality thus far.

GOP Congressman “Comes Out” In Favor Of Marriage Equality.

Well-written headline.

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Hey, let’s not get crazy shall we?

“Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA) on Wednesday announced his support for same-sex marriage.”

Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA) on Wednesday announced his support for his own re-election.


Dude can read the writing on the wall. /golfclap for him


And another district goes Tea Crazy!

I don’t care if his main motivation is to get re-elected or otherwise. I’m happy to see members of the GOP support marriage equality.

Of course, if he views favoring marriage equality as a path to re-election, well, that makes me happy too.


And that won’t happen until after the 2020 election at the earliest. GOPs knew that in 2010 too. The folks who stayed home in 2010 didn’t think about what they were doing. A bunch probably had no idea of the consequences. Here we are. Right in the 'effin middle of the consequences.


“To further protect the bonds of matrimony, I am also proposing that each newly married copule, be they gay or straight, be provided with free handguns.”


So somebody within the Republican party actually discovered that tidbit of massive hypocrisy they’ve been carrying around all these years? What’s next, a realization that women should have the right to control their own bodies, or that our military is the biggest waste of taxpayer dollars ever? It’s progress I guess. One thing at a time.


“…I value equality, personal freedom and a more limited role for government in our lives…”

That’s why he’s a member of the one political party that supports none of that.

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It worked for Obama.

" Oh sh1t , I going to lose votes , better come out in favor of same sex marriage " .