Discussion: GOP Congressman Brings Jar Of Mosquitoes To House Floor To Talk About Zika Bill

will he be bringing a snowball to the floor next?


He’s a Jolly Idiot.

It would have been better theatrics with adult mosquitos instead of larva. Guess he wasn’t allowed to bring those in, or was afraid, even though they are Zika free.

I see that species around Austin frequently. Yesterday there were headlines at a local news site about an entomologist trapping a bunch of them - the story clearly stated that these were possible vectors, but didn’t carry Zika. The headline of course said the guy had trapped dozens of Zika infested mosquitos. There’s a big difference between “can carry” and “carry”.

In any case, it’s just a matter of time.

“The politics of Zika are garbage right now,” the Florida lawmaker said in a short, angry speech condemning Congress for failing to pass legislation providing $1.1 billion to combat the mosquito-borne virus. That bill is stalled in the Senate, where Democrats are blocking it in a dispute over restrictions on Planned Parenthood.

AP Fail. Stenographers for the Party of No. The Planned Parenthood connection is the stinking pile of manure, how this Do Nothing Congress Does What It Does Best.

“Democrats are blocking it.” Shame.

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If I recall there is a provision attached to allow the display of the confederate flag at certain cemeteries as well.

We’ll probably look back on this and wish it had passed despite. Maybe I’m wrong.