Discussion: GOP Congress To Focus On Economy, Avoid Major Showdowns

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GOP Congress To Focus On Economy (wink, wink),
Etch-A-Sketching In Advance of 2016 Presidential Election



Serious adults are in charge here…

They made the same claim in 2001 and then proceeded to seriously screw up everything.


More Vetoes than a Sons of Italy Day picnic.


Uh-oh. Just as the economy is doing well, they want to “fix” it?


Repugs have ignored the economy for 6 years now. Only the rubes believe they will change anything now. Payback to their donors is about all anyone can expect.


Serious adults are in charge here and we intend to make progress," incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

McConnell then beeped his red rubber nose and rode out of the room on his unicycle…


I’m thinking getting more money from their donors is about all we can expect from our R’s. Doddering Mutant Ninja Turtle’s #1 priority is to eliminate campaign contribution restrictions. In a perverse way I kind of agree with R’s that our elected representatives sell us down the river way too cheaply. The return rate on bribes is about 1,000 to 1.

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“Serious adults are in charge here” - that phrase alone provided my laugh for the day. Your description attached a terrific visual image to that laugh.


G-d help us if we haven’t learned a republicant promise is worth less than a pile of … beans.

“GOP Congress To Focus On Economy”

Translation: middle class and working poor, hold on to your wallets.

“Go ahead… Squeeze the wheeze… People often do…” – Firesign Theater

“Force construction of the Keystone pipeline” Unwittingly, I suppose, the GOP is now adopting a command economy. The Keystone will not be built by anyone who actually intends to pay the loans off to build it. Not at this point anyway with dilbit, the tar sands ‘oil’, going for $35/bbl, much less making a profit.

But profit and paying off loans is not what our economy is about anymore so have at it brave Republicans.

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Haven’t the reapers tired themselves out with all this get ready thingy they have been doing?
I offer a 2 year vacation and leave the country alone. We have paid them to do nothing for the last 6 years. 2 more can’t hurt our chances of surviving there wishlist of destroying the country in the hopes of blaming everybody else with there misinformation. Remember, when a reaper is near, there is no bottom to the barrel.