Discussion: GOP Chairman Pivots Criticism Of Obama's G20 Performance Onto Potential Clinton Presidency

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“President Obama removed any and all doubt that he lacks the resolve or a strategy to defeat and destroy ISIS”

Better than the GOP’s plan to drop grain pyramids and tax cuts on their heads.

GOP Chairman Reince Priebus said on Monday that President Obama continues to display a lack of strategy for defeating the Islamic State terrorist group and took the criticism a step further by laying blame on his first Secretary of State, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Remember the good old days, when politics stopped “at the water’s edge”?


Simply mouthing empty criticisms does not make said sad-sack attempts at attacking the POTUS valid.

But so much for the old saw the “conservatives” always used to blather on about that criticism for the POTUS while he is abroad stopped at the water’s edge.


Beat me to it. Was just typing the same thing. These anti-American Republicans have zero shame and zero sense of proper comportment or decorum, much less an honest desire to do right by the country.


Wow. Hell is waiting. And if I were Lucifer I’d speed things up. We’re going to have to listen to this exact line of non-reasoning for months on end.


Let a
democratic president take us into another endless war
so we don’t have to answer for Irac


Oh and here’s a reminder for everyone on what happened in 2006 when Al Gore gave a speech at a conference in Saudi Arabia in which he criticized Bush policies towards the Muslim world – as summarized by The New York Times’ Chris Sullentrop:

“As House Democrats David Bonior and Jim McDermott may recall from their trip to Baghdad on the eve of the Iraq war, nothing sets conservative opinionmongers on edge like a speech made by a Democrat on foreign soil. Al Gore traveled to Saudi Arabia last week, and in a speech there on Sunday he criticized ‘abuses’ committed by the U.S. government against Arabs after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. A burst of flabbergasted conservative blogging followed the Associated Press dispatch about the speech… The editorial page of Investor’s Business Daily accused Gore of ‘supreme disloyalty to his country’….”

The Wall St. Journal’s James Taranto accused Gore of “denouncing his own government on foreign soil” and quoted the above accusation of “disloyalty.” Commentary was abundant all but accusing Gore of treason for criticizing the U.S. in a foreign land.


Beat me to it.

Same here. I think the saying has been rewritten as “politics stop when you’re done peeing on your President’s shoes.”


These fuckers love making vets, who they quickly forget about.


Of course he has a strategy asshole, he’s just not telling you.


The first Democrat to stand up and remind Republicans that they have no credibility regarding foreign policy (i.e. - 9/11; WMD; Iraq), I’m going to give them the best oral EVER! Man or woman!


From the man whose strategy for RNC POTUS debates is blowing up in his face.


Man, what I wouldn’t give for the president to issue an executive order calling for a general mobilization, starting with income brackets at $200K. Can you imagine the white flight then?

Obama is a dumbass. Anyone with a brain knows the only way to defeat terrorists is with huge tax cuts to the rich. Everyone knows terrorists hate tax cuts. /s


and don’t forget if we would just call them “radical Islamists” that will defeat them too


I can see why these guys have thrown country first out the window. It works for them. Just send money.



Hey Reince, speaking of resolve and strategy, how are things going implementing all the fixes from your 2012 election “Post Mortem?”

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Why would any President reveal tactical or strategic plans at a press conference in Turkey?


“No strategy” - Republican phrase that describes any plan other than immediately bombing everyone, everywhere.

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