Discussion: GOP Candidate Arrington Expected To Make Full Recovery Following Fatal Crash

Something is wrong with this headline


Have the conspiracy theory nuts started to speculate on what “really” happened?
I’m guessing somehow it will involve Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama.

I’m glad she will recover and hope her driver will too but it’s just over 4 months to Nov. and that window seems short to fully recover enough to campaign much less fulfill duties if she wins.

Unless her full name is “Lazarus Arrington” that’s a bad headline, kids…

It’s OK. She might be one of the Undead. “R” is for “resurrection”.

Hey the wrong way driver is dead, so factually the headline is correct. There was a fatality with this accident.

“She was getting close to uncovering Pizzagate!!!11”

But seriously, I hope she doesn’t get prescribed opiate painkillers and then has problems with them.

The other driver died in the accident, so I guess the headline is technically correct. Confusing though.

It gave me a laugh, which I appreciated.

This one appeared on the San Diego Union Tribune website a few days ago:

Man suffers serious injuries when hit by car chasing ball into street, police say