Discussion: Gohmert Debates Reverend Over Whether Non-Christians Should 'Go To Hell' (VIDEO)

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That man is a U.S. Representative, tasked with making legislation for you and me .
Unfucking believable. :frowning:


“Lynn responded that he wouldn’t agree with Gohmert’s construction of what hell is….”

My own personal “construction of what hell is” involves being trapped in a room with Louis Gohmert sanctimoniously droning on about what a pious Christian he is.


“Either you believe as a Christian that Jesus is the way, the truth, or life, or you don’t.”

This is what is wrong with evangelicals. They’re believe simply because they’re afraid of hell, not because being a decent person is its own reward.


Why did I KNOW it would be Light-Loafers Louie…

Hey Louie? Fuck you, and all those who act like you.


So, Louis, do you imply that the Constitution doesn’t allow Christians the freedom to believe what they choose?

For the love of Mike and Aqua Buddha, what’s wrong with you, son?


The proposition of dying and “going to heaven” is not even found in the New Testament, although most Christians believe that it is. The fundamental belief of the early Christians was that the kingdom of God was going to come to earth in their lifetime. That is what Jesus promised, after-all. The die-and-go-to-heaven myth was something the church made up much later when the kingdom failed to materialize.

So Gohmert is incorrect, even within his own theological construct.


Someone should tell Louie that according to his religion, God is the one who determines who goes to hell and who doesn’t. And something about “judge not, lest ye be judged.”

So maybe he should repent from his sinful pride and self-righteousness and shut the fuck up.


Fucking christian douche bag, we live here with religious shitheads like this right now. Therefore we are already in hell.


If you’re a single woman, a minority, a gay man or woman, or a non-Christain, why the phuck would you vote for a Republican?


Matthew 19 21 Jesus said unto him, " If thou wilt be perfect go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shall have treasure in heaven and come and follow me"
After you’ve done this Rep. Gohmert then you can preach to others.


Hell is where Cheney, Rove, Rumsfield et al will be spending eternity.


So, I gather what Rep. Gohmert wants this man to say is that he believes the only way to Heaven( which you must believe in , by the way), is through his idea of what Christianity really is. And furthermore, that public policy should be set only to reinforce and protect those that share that particular belief system. Good on him for not ceding.


Well, frankly that’s nonsense. As an evangelical, I believe in Jesus because I find meaning and significance in my faith. And I believe being a decent person is exactly what Jesus taught – healing, accepting, loving, serving, and including all those he met. Fear has nothing to do with it.


Why is religion being talked about in congress? Isn’t their supposed to be a separation of church and state?? If Rep. Gohmert can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there is a god and a heaven and hell than I will fall down on my knees and pray to heaven. LOL. Look, I grew up catholic and am now close to being an atheist. We have gone out and space and not a sign of any supreme being that I know of. Is heaven suppose to be in space and hell is under the earth? Well I know that a heaven and hell on earth is a realistic thing, at least in the mind, but where does it exist after one dies? If you have a rational mind to think than if there is one god why not many? And if there is one god why does this entity want us to pray to it? I believe that religion is in the mind of the beholder and gives some people hope for whatever they hope for, and can be good or bad. Our constitution doesn’t give a congressmen the right to berate another on how good or bad their religious beliefs are.


That said, I don’t know much about Rev. Lynn, but it sounds like he and I would come down on the same side of things when it comes to faith and politics – I fully expect that my religious beliefs will influence my own political perspective, but I don’t see any role of the government in forcing my religious beliefs upon anybody else.


The fact that some “Christians” believe in a theology that ASSURES their “ascension to Heaven,” tells you all you need to know about them.


He’s just one of the many “New Pharisees.”

Self-righteous hypocrites.

If I remember correctly, Jesus had a slight problem with these assholes, back in the day.


“The Kingdom of Heaven is within…”

Can’t remember who said that.

Probably some DFH.


If Louis Gohmert is there, it ain’t heaven.