Discussion: Global Stocks Plunge As Investors Fret Over Looming US-China Trade War

Hmmmmm…how low does it have to go before he really starts to “own” it?


I’ve got a vague, unprovable sense that if he triggers a serious downturn and the Chinese bring the pain in a localized way like this, and his general support crashes through the high-thirties floor it’s been stuck on, the GOP could turn on him in a very swift and brutal way. A long, slow rise in discontent and grumbling and then whammo. They know what he is and he won’t get much mercy if they have to take steps.


I think Democrats should embrace these tariffs against China.

Tariffs even the playing field for American workers in manufacturing and technology. There are going to be impacts on the American consumer and corporations but without the American worker, you don’t have America.

PP’s not doing any of this out of a sense of making America great again. He’s the bully in the WH who’s going to assure that the stuff we buy from China, think Bed Bath & Beyond, et al, is going to cost a lot more.

Industry giants like General Electric and Goldman Sachs, as well as agricultural companies, have lodged objections with the White House, saying that tariffs on both sides of the Pacific and limitations on investments will cut off American companies from the world’s most lucrative and rapidly growing market.

China imposed tariffs on Monday on more than 100 American products, including pork, fruit, recycled aluminum and steel pipes. Fears of an incipient trade war between the world’s two largest economies sent the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index tumbling 2.23 percent and pushed markets into correction territory. Technology stocks bore the brunt of the slump, as a recent spate of bad news about tech companies like Facebook, Tesla and Amazon spooked investors. Asian and European markets fell more modestly in early Tuesday trading.

If crude gets much higher, that puts financial pressures on manufacturers and shippers across the globe to produce and ship their products. Higher crude prices is a global tariff in and of itself. That puts further pressures on oil exploration, fracking, tar sands, pipelines…No one wins. This administration is purely about elevating Dotard T rump’s ego as an adult toddler. He is determined to destroy America.

He’s deliberately tanking Ivanka’s play biz?

My thoughts are not vague and provable.
We are the bottom edge of a decision coming with the stock market. It does not like “limbo” and uncertainty is a trigger to drive it way way down. There is those that are pulling away already and moving stocks to protected places and they are also in danger of taking a hit.
When you hear, nasdaq is in correction territory, that means the plug has been pulled and liquidating is the game to play.
I have taken a pretty good beating trying to work around this idiots tweets etc. But I am running out of options and it’s impossible to predict tomorrow with this impulse fanatic finding out he can play the world with his lunatic mind and his thumbs.
If anyone else was president, the gop would have long ago ended this nightmare. I just don’t get that they are willing to let this run away idiot keep going with the midterms coming quickly.
There is something there and I hope Mueller is the fuse that will ignite the gop to do to what should have been done long ago.


That’s the problem. they know they are already in trouble and if they lose the 30% who support Trump, they are really down the drain.


Russia and Saudi Arabia recently formed a cartel to further manipulate crude prices.

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I would not be surprised if the President’s criticism of the individual companies is tied to specific bets made by himself, his family members and his companies. I hope there is a close look at insider trading patterns.

From the timing of the attacks and the choice of Amazon, I am thinking that the Preshitident is using his office to force Amazon to rent its new headquarters from his son, his daughter and son-in-law. It is about enriching himself.

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My 401K has had a 10% increase under Trump. He owns that. I am backing out of equities at this point, to not have a part of a potential unsettled period. But the stock-owning folks are pretty happy with Trump.