Discussion: Glenn Beck Isn't Sure Trump Would Be Better As President Than Clinton

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“I know I won’t go to the polls. I won’t vote for Hillary Clinton and I won’t vote for Donald Trump. I just won’t. And I know a lot of people who feel that way,” Beck said on Fox News.

And we’re all okay with that, Glennster. You and your ilk just stay home on Election Day. No votes for Trump or Hillary, no votes for down-ticket Repubs either. Win-win, in my book.


This is why mental illness can be such an emotional rollercoaster for the families. When he’s on his meds you hardly notice there’s a problem at all.


When you lose The Beck it’s time to…
Quit? No!
Reevaluate your positions? No!
Take the inflammatory rhetoric down a notch? No!
Grow an iconic mustache? Oh yeah baby!


It surprises me that Beck feels this way, but it’s not all that surprising in general. I’ve seen a not small number of Republicans in person, on social media, and on TV express pure disgust in regards to Trump. It’s either total revulsion to the man or adulation and very little in between. That’s why I think Trump’s general election ceiling is lower than the 45% just about any GOPer would receive.


And as far as I can tell many of his supporters acknowledge that he comes off as abrasive and extreme. If someone—most likely himself—can reveal that he’s also an empty suit who’s rich because he’s lucky and would be much richer if he were less of a clown-brained fuckup, he may find himself on a fast escalator to the basement. Hey, a guy can dream, can’t he?


I can’t argue with Trump regarding his Tweet about Beck. It’s all true. The only thing I take away from this interview is that I like Megyn’s new hairstyle.

I look at that Frank Lutz focus group where they explained some of these things, that Trump inherited his money and so forth, and none of the facts they shared about Trump moved his supporters away from him. They’ve made up their mind that Trump will fix everything and nothing about him will then them away. They already despise the media and establishment Republicans, so there’s no amount of facts from them his followers will believe. And even if they believe the truth, many just don’t care. They’re hearing what they’ve always wanted to hear and they don’t give a damn about the back story of the man finally giving voice to their thoughts.


Someone finally comes out and says in plain english all the things that republicans have been “dog” whistling to their pups and they act like they are completely different. Who do they think they are fooling? Their followers don’t care and their opposition has been calling them out for years.


I know, I know, all of that’s indisputable. In any strict facts-in-evidence judgment he’s in there solidly. Still, even as a longtime agnostic, I sometimes see a thing like karma at work, and I think character often does turn out to be destiny, and I think Trump is playing Russian roulette with his reputation by doing this. It’s like a Greek tragedy called The Butthead in which a man challenges the gods to prove they exist by stopping him from being a total dick all the time. You don’t know how they’ll do it, or when, but you know when it comes it’ll be epic. Like I said, just a little dream I can’t help having.

In the meantime, Donald will be Donald. Malala Yousafzai just criticized him so I’m sure we’ll see a twittergasm about how she’s a dummy and a loser and only famous because she got shot courageously standing up for women’s right to an education and he likes people who don’t get shot courageously standing up for women’s right to an education and his god-damn poll numbers will go up. I swear if I left the house right now I’d kick the first Republican I saw right in the shins.


I’ve never heard the expression " fired like a dog". Is it from the financial world or did Trump pull it from his prodigious ass ?


Someone should inform this village idiot that conservatives are a minority voting block in our country.
They don’t get to call the shots for the majority.
Don’t like that reality, go eat worms douche bag!

One thing Trump is good at it is exposing people as charlatans and/or chumps when they attack him. Trump’s trolling performance is unequaled in the political world. When I see photos of him playing golf with Bill Clinton, and some of the things he has said in the past about income inequality and how Cruz thinks just like him, I can’t help but think he is just trolling the GOP and exposing them for what they really are. It’s as if he has a huge axe to grind against the GOP and this is his way of grinding it.

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I know.

:laughing:I needed that laugh.


Now he’s done it!!! Offended dogs! What next ? Cats???




I was a longtime fan of Robert A, Heinlein.

When I was a munchkin.

As such, I didn’t think much about his social commentary…I was more interested in the mechanics of space travel and the way in which he blended rocketry and prose. It was later that I was on to the fact that social relations are as fragile as the balance necessary for propulsion or sustenance of human life…and that Heinlein was on to that as well.

Ginning up the natural predilections of the elements of the Republican Base has been going on for quite some time, and these folks have wound themselves into a ball. Of hate, fear, and, above all, malignorance.

The legendary spy schools of the Soviets could not have produced a more effective destroyer of human reason than Rupert Murdoch, if they had chosen to do so.


Does Beck know that he can vote a blank if he doesn’t like any of the major party candidates? Abstention from voting is anti-conservative.

When I meet a guy who thinks he’s protesting by not voting, I want to tell him he might as well boycott Tampax.


Beck has become an even larger pile of cold oatmeal since the last time I saw him weeping uncontrollably on TV.

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