Discussion: Giuliani’s Murky Business Ties Render Him Difficult Choice For Secretary Of State

He pulled in $11.4 million in 2006 alone from speeches for which he would charge as much as $200,000 each, the Times reported.

Isn’t that what Rudina criticized Hillary for? Didn’t Rudina demand that the transcripts of Hillary’s speeches be released?

Once again, everything the Republicans accused Hillary of, they were doing themselves.


“It is worrisome, some of the ties to foreign governments, because that was a big complaint about many of us with Hillary Clinton and her ties and the money she received from foreign governments,” Paul told CNN on Tuesday.


The two faced, brazen hypocrisy is stunning. Although I saw the word “gobsmacked” somewhere on another thread, and that seems to fit better.


How about just how completely inept the man is. I swear, the Republicans have like no talent to pull from with regards to decent government officials. Guiliani should just be put in charge of picking up paper in the oval office and that’s about it.

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It’s a variation of the old “I’m rubber, you’re glue” rule.

There is nothing about Trump’s campaign or (barf!) future administration which is not childish, playground stuff.

Until, of course, people really do start getting hurt. Which I fear may be soon.


I’d like to thank the 43% who sat out last week’s election.

I’d also like to thank the MSM, because I know that I never heard any of this info on either NPR or CNN, when either Mara Liason or Erin Burnett became part of a wave to take down Secretary Clinton.

I bet folks want a do-over now.


But aren’t they ALL like that? Will they have time to run the country?

The #neverTrumpers are conflicted now.

They didn’t want any part of the Trump campaign, but now that he’s won

Guiliani’s murky business ties is the least disgusting thing about him,…


He could have no business ties and he’d still be unqualified. Rudy’s gong to go over like a fart in Church with the rest of the world. If there ever was an “ugly American” both figuratively and literally it’s Rudy. He’ll be treated respectfully by the international community and dismissed from thought the minute he leaves the room. America will have a diminished role in the world as long as Rudy’s in charge. I’ll bet everything I have on that.


Totally diFferent siTuation because reasoNs.


The Stop and Frisk Secretary of State?

It is no longer absurd, it is beyond outrageous, this is getting macabre.

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Why did he say he didn’t want to become Attorney General?
Of course he would be horrible, but it would be more logical than SoS.

just picking up paper in the Oval Office would require full security clearance…

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Maybe Trump meant “S.O.B.?” not SOS, just one of those transition snafus doncha know.

Spekin’ of which,where’s Palin?

Ambassador to Russia?

Putin might appreciate that.

Glad he wouldn’t be.


Ms Kirkland is naive if she thinks Rudy will have any trouble getting SOS appointment.

So they’ll duck their heads, keeping a low profile and are waiting for what?
I keep trying to remember an clip I heard from a female Republican Senator ( I think senator) who said something about Trump not having the traditional values of the party. That Republicans believed in inclusiveness and equality. I wish I could remember her name because nothing she said has been my experience with watching the GOP direction over the last decade or so.
As for what they can do, I think they are dancing on the knife’s edge. The Rand Paul bard is the chipping away at the edges of Trump’s administration and I don’t know if there are enough sane Republicans left in any sort of power that could help crumble Trump, the Tea Party, and the new Trumpianistas’ hold on what used to be the GOP.

This double-speak has gone too far. These people have even perverted our language.
I have no idea what, but something has to be done to combat IOKIYAR. It’s so far beyond snark, a wink and nod. I think even Orwell would have been gobsmacked at the level of …whatever to call it. How can Democrats make any arguments towards reason when it has been completely destroyed? So pernicious and must be seriously addressed somehow.