Discussion: Giuliani Insists That Trump Won't Testify In Front Of Grand Jury For Mueller Probe

How long will it take Trump and Giuliani to tie in the Dancing Fool FBI agent to the “witch hunt” of Mueller’s investigation?

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Another draft dodging Conservative helping another draft dodging sissy dodge testifying before the Grand Jury.


It would really please me to see the federal marshalls come for Trump.


It’s like trump’s own legal team can’t remember that they’re supposed to think he’s innocent. I wonder if when they’re getting their marching orders, they actually remind themselves of that: “Don’t forget, we hafta go out and at least pretend trump isn’t completely guilty.” Followed by a sardonic laugh at trump’s expense.


Is rudi officially claiming to practice law? (I remember one friend of my father’s who got out of disciplinary proceedings by claiming that he wasn’t officially practicing any more, he was just a partner for show.)

Enough of these stories of will he or won’t he. We know the answer is that he won’t. He loves stringing along the press with the pretentiousness that somehow he will but only under certain conditions. The bottom line is he won’t let himself testify, and not because he’ll perjure himself. He’s too arrogant to let that hold him back because in truth, he believes his own lies and thinks others will too. Its because deep down he’s scared of real power and the law. That’s why he admires and worships dictators and despots. He loves that they can get away with anything, even murder. He wouldn’t let his closest advisor, associates, or even family know how scared shitless he is, even if they had him under sodium pentathol. His overblown ego wouldn’t allow that to happen and his psyche is that damaged. He knows he’s guilty, and even without a conscience, he wants to avoid any and all consequences like the plague. He’s a fucking sociopath. End of story.

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i would pay for a ticket

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Rudy will issue his final statement on the interview just before it happens.

“For every one of these things he did, we can write out five reasons why he did it,”

I bet you can. So can I

lust for power

and then they check to make sure they got paid

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