Discussion: Ginsburg Misses Oral Arguments For Third Day In A Row

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Please stop freaking me out with this.


Be afraid, be very afraid…

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Okay, it’s time to face reality and demand that any presidential candidate pledge to expand the Supreme Court.


She has got to lay off all those benders with Tobin, and PJ, and Squi.

In all seriousness, this was always the downside of Sanders and his sour grapes in 2016. Democrats for some reason don’t fully respect the court as a co-equal branch of government.


I actually think this is possible after Trump is impeached. Democrats will not be able to impeach Justices Gorsuch or Brewski, but there is a political case to be made that they were appointed by a president who was aided by a foreign power and lacked an electoral mandate to fundamentally shift the judiciary.


Two things:


  2. Another shout out to the “she’s and Trump are exactly the same” crowd. No, you don’t get to be forgiven for, oh, 40 or so years when the mess you caused has died and been replaced on the SCOTUS.


To be frank, isn’t her most important job right now to stay alive? From that point of view one should be satisfied that she is not rushing back to work after major operation.


There isn’t much Mueller can possibly do. There will be a republican president and senate for (at least) two years more.

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I’ll say a ‘mi shebarach’ (prayer or blessing for a person to heal) this Saturday for RBG when I attend services. We need her to get well badly. Hell, I’ll recite it now. Why wait?

While I’m at it, I might as well say a prayer for the country. We’re in some deep doo-doo here and we need leaders that will stand up to the tyranny of a madman whose abusiveness and cruelty seems to know no bounds.

Are you listening G-d, its me srfromgr (you know who I am, fo real)…Holy shit, give us some respite from all this mishugas, would ya, could ya please…huh?


Not looking good kids. But hey, we sure showed that Hillary a thing or two for not being sufficiently pure, didn’t we?


Settle down, people. I recall several years ago when I had hernia surgery. Doc told me that even though they only use small incisions these days, there’s still a lot of internal disruption and I should expect to take a week to 10 days off from work.

“Sure, Doc,” is what I said, while simultaneously thinking “haha, I’ll show you cuz I’ll be back to the office in the morning.” The joke was on me because I was flat on my back for several days. Something about stirring all those organs around kind of messes with bodily functions, I guess.

Anyway, to make a long story short, 3-days at home after internal surgery and everyone’s on a death watch, are you kidding me?


Folks, RGB is still relatively healthy, and it was major surgery…her taking time off is normal and not a reason to panic. She also is really tough, and has a very good reason to stay alive…and she can’t be removed from the Court unless she retires, and she won’t do that while Trump is alive. We’ll just have to hope that she really is recovering and just on home rest under doctor’s orders.

If she does pass, it will be a tragedy for the nation, and the Republicans will have their chance to force a right wing takeover onto us. However, that will not last…every time the SC has gotten too far out of step with the nation they have been slapped down by the other two branches of the government, either overtly or by biding the time to undo the damage. They will still try to roll back the nation to the 1850s, but it won’t work, we won’t stand for it. And, if they really do try it, they will insure we have Democrats in charge until the Court is returned to the center…the reaction to the things they want to do will undo Republican election prospects.

So, even if RGB dies there is still hope for the future. It will be better if she doesn’t, but that’s out of our control, so hang onto the hope.


Let’s not flip out here; it’s the 21st century, it’s entirely possible for her to participate in arguments (or at least listen to them) via technology. Just because SCOTUS does not televise their proceedings does not mean that she is unable to watch them via Skype or some other method. Please.


I don’t think it’s lack of respect. It’s just that for decades after FDR, the court was progressive. That slowly changed. It’s that very slowness that let Dems take their eye off this very important ball. The Repubs have been working on this since the 60s…


I appreciate your voice of reason but . . . . the time it would take to undo that damage is the lifespan of our kids and their generation. It’s difficult to ignore that.


Her doctors didn’t expect her to be back to work until February. And this type of surgery, 4-6 weeks recovery if easy surgery, 6-8 weeks if more difficult. I know she’s a superhuman but still.

The headline is unnecessairly alarming.


Yes and no…the older conservatives might hold on for 20 years, but that’s not a guarantee (and Thomas’ health isn’t great either). The plans to pack the Court might come to fruition, especially if the Court continues to rule horribly…that pressure by FDR was enough to get the Court to stop ruling against what the people demanded during the Great Depression. And, that’s really where they key will come from, because if they try to push the nation too hard to the right the nation will react, strongly, after some ruling that’s just too far out of bounds. And, if we get to that point, the justices will lose power, the Court will be ignored, and the conservative justices will likely resign in frustration.

There’s a lot of ways it could game out, but hopefully what happens instead is RGB holds out until a Democrat is elected in 2020, and we get at least a decade or two of Democrats running things and able to install centrist and liberal judges all through the court system. That’s going to take people willing to put aside calls for liberal purity in the 2020 election (some of which was Russian propaganda) and unite to make sure Democrats win big all over the nation, and then not forgetting how awful Republican rule was for a long time. I wish I felt confident any of that will happen…


Prayers from your lips to Judy Bloome’s ears! As to RBG, I love her but both She and Breyer should have retired early in Obama’s term so he could appoint younger justices to the Court. I hope she fully recovers and has many more years of a healthy life ahead of her, but it was selfish to stay on the Court when she could have guaranteed her legacy by retiring. Now her legacy is in the hands of Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell.