Discussion: Gillibrand Hits Fox News After Town Hall: Has To Be 'Responsible For Truth And Fact'

Fox News host Chris Wallace interrupted her, suggesting it was not “very polite” for her to criticize the network that invited her to the town hall.


And as for Gillibrand making the distinction between infanticide and abortion: More power to her, I say – although of course I wish the distinction were already clear.


“Responsible," “truth” and "fact.” Vocabulary builders for Trump, Fox and their followers.


Then don’t go on Fox and legitimize their propaganda, this isn’t hard. Fox is not a news organization, they’re an arm of the Republican party.


Either too naive or too dumb to be POTUS or VPOTUS.


I don’t think she’s dumb or naive. I think she’s aiming for that mythic “center” where the left-curious but right-voting Fox watchers will be persuaded. All 2 of them.


Since when is Fox news concerned about politeness?

Has anyone noted that Trump is “not very polite” to a lot of people a lot of the time and Fox doesn’t complain about it?


Might as well bay at the moon.

There is no getting someone to understand something when their paycheck depends upon them not understanding it.


For all practical purposes FOX is the Republican Party.

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Perhaps that indicates that Democrats should focus on their advertisers.



I think Fox should get called out repeatedly by all Democratic candidates. For the good of the Fox audience.

She confronted GOP lies on the only outlet GOP voters watch. Don’t see how that is wrong in any way. I don’t want another president that is only president for half the people.


and she added…

I think water needs to be responsible for making things dryer!

It’s the Fox News White House, and Murdoch pats himself on the back to realize he’s brought off this coup. It was years in the making, but it’s real.

Too bad she still went on the network

We’ve done that before (see: O’Reilly, Bill).

Faux is still here.

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When the Fox bots engage in inflammatory “Do you support infanticide?” it’s the equivalent of “When did you stop beating your wife?”
No great fan of Gillibrand though she is a decent senator but kudos to her for going Mike Wallace on Chris.

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Once I saw George Clooney explaining why he would not go on O’Reilly’s show on Fox. As Clooney basically pointed out, the person who controls the microphone controls the narrative, and that’s not fair.

Wallace had a mic and was controlling the show. Screw that. To go on Fox and solely respond to audience questions in a town hall format is one thing. Going on with someone like Wallace, who’s a Fox personality in his own right and who can get swing the audience’s attention toward himself, is another. Fox is not going to allow a substantive event, and having an attention-getter like Wallace proves it.

Others who might want to go on Fox should take a lesson from this and have an iron-clad set of groundrules, including how the audience is chosen.


Except it appears that in this case Gillibrand controlled the narrative.

Those same folks that the junior senator from Vermont is chasing, all the while lending credibility to Fox by his appearance at their 1st town hall this year.