Discussion: Get Through The First Day Of Daylight Saving With John Oliver (VIDEO)

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Without Daylight Savings Time, on June 15th, the sun would rise at 4:45 and set at 7:37.

Anyone bellyaching about DST needs to imagine that scenario.


I honestly don’t have any problem with that.


Me either. Turns out they have these marvelous things called “curtains” and “blinds” and “shades” that enable one to sleep though the earliest dawn. And it’s a hell of a lot easier to sleep through an early dawn than to get to sleep the when it’s still dusk at 9:00 p.m.

I also note that if the problem is that the sun would come up “too early” on the day of the summer solstice, having DST begin in mid-fucking-March is goddamned imbecilic. As is, of course, everything the Republicans did under Bush. I’ve always found it rather amazingly coincidently how a measure meant show Congress was Doing Something about high energy costs just so happened to increase energy use. (Also the dreaded “lightbulb ban” that the Teahadists decided was an affront to their freedumb until their continued ability to buy the bulbs they insisted Obama had banned forced them to drop it down the Memory Hole.)


DST = “Government Time”! Get the Government out of my clock! – Teaparty Republican

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Where? Sounds like you are on the east side of a time zone.

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This is what happens when you let a graduate of Eton or Harrods loose on American TV. Everyone here knows whose eminently rational idea it was:

Anyway, you’ll never see a repeal–the travel and hospitality industry will never you deprive them of an extra hour of summer daylight.

40 miles west of DC.

Ben had a lot of ideas that never became policy. Like, say, wanting the wild turkey rather than the bald eagle to be the national symbolic avian, rather than a brand for a blend of bourbons not good enough to sell straight. Took the Huns to actually impose it. Not that the Entente and Associated Powers didn’t follow suit in short order, as they did with poison gas and flamethrowers.

Then why not use “DST” all year long? I know I wouldn’t object to an extra hour of sunlight in the evening during the winter.

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FYI they don’t ‘interview several laypeople’, those are clips from some old news show as evidenced by the ABC bug in the corner.

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One of the good things about Arizona is no DST, except on the Navajo Reservation. In mid summer, getting up at 5:30 AM to enjoy a cup of coffee and listen to the cactus wrens, Gila woodpeckers and thrashers, before the heat of the day comes on is a real joy.

I’m with you. I’d rather lose Standard time than DST.

DST is a huge controversy north of the Arctic Circle in the winter. Do we get 24 hours of dark or 24 hours of dark?

DST is huge controversy in Barrow in winter. What time does sun not rise?