Discussion: German Cabinet Captures Trump, Putin's First Known In-Person Exchange Prior To Formal Meeting

Description of meeting seems to indicate that Trump is the subordinate in the encounter.


So much snark, so little time…

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Is that even a question?


Does the end of the world really need so much cable-induced drama?

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German Cabinet Captures Trump,…

I read the headline and wishful thinking had me fixate on the first phrase. I was hoping that The Hague had him in a secure cell.


Well it’s just assumed in pretty much every meeting Donald has unless stated otherwise.

@zsak Reality show star has no idea what he’s up against.

the Kremlin is betting that Mr. Putin can stage-manage the event so that he comes out looking like the stronger party.

If nothing much emerges from the meeting, analysts said, the Kremlin can repeat the standard Russian line that Mr. Trump is weak, hamstrung by domestic politics.


Why is the media pretending we’re somehow going to get the truth from this administration? Why in the world would anyone believe we’re actually going to know what was discussed? If PP offered up his his wife and children, offered to fellate Putin on the steps of Capitol Hill, we’re not going to hear about unless it’s leaked.

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Weren’t they “stable mates” on 60 Minutes or something? So, that was another lie? Another one? All this time the best the right can come up with when talking about Obama’s “lies” is you can keep your doctor?

Looks like Putin and Trump are new BFF’s!


OH FFS! Please tell me that THIS isn’t the real meat and potatoes of “what the US wants from Russia”…

Russia wants the U.S. to return two compounds in New York and Maryland that were shuttered by the Obama administration as punishment for election meddling. It also wants the U.S. to ease Ukraine-related sanctions. The U.S. seeks a resumption of adoptions of Russian children by American parents, an end to harassment of U.S. diplomats and other measures.

I observe a slight imbalance in the “negotiables” there…

Putin: We’ll let you adopt orphan kids in exchange for re-opening the Spy Centers, ok check, and… what do you want?

Trump: If you promise to stop harassing our diplomats (and other clearly less important issues), we’ll ease Ukraine-related sanctions, essentially turning a blind eye to your aggression there. Crimea? Right… kick that can down the road…

Both: See what great friends we are now? Now we can achieve great things together! For example, let’s announce a cease-fire in a tiny area of Syria where the situation is so intractable, it’s only us who will not be shooting…

Come on. Surely the USA has more to leverage from Russia just on the first two points alone? Spy Centers and Ukraine? I’d be asking for a helluva a lot more.

Come on Journalistas, do some RESEARCH for your hastily written articles. We know what Russia wants. What are we ACTUALLY asking in exchange?

Oh, no-one knows…? Right. Therein lies the rub.