Discussion: Geraldo Digs In: Hip-Hop Has 'Horrible, Counterproductive, Anti-Social Message'

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Were you or were you not the guy who claimed to have found Al Capone’s vault and found nothing inside? Were you or were you not the guy who got kicked off of covering the Iraq invasion because you gave away the location of our troops?

Rivera…you’re just a disgrace.


Well, it’s OKBHAR.

Geraldo Rivera: not a wiggah, a proud street-wise jpriggah!

Oh my, I think we have another case of Brian Williamsitis, here. By the time young Gerald was old enough to be out on the streets, he was living in West Babylon, on Long Island. About 90% white, half the high school grads go on to college, home ownership rate almost 80%, etc., etc. Yeah, real mean streets. Oy.


Oh, and it’s nice to see Rivera recycling the same tired anti-music stances his parents had regarding Rock ‘n’ Roll, the NAZIS had about Jazz, etc, etc, etc.


After his bar mitzvah, Geraldo went out and celebrated with a blunt and a bagged Colt 45.


Afghanistan; and the only reason he was kicked off, per himself, was for his streetyness.

I thought he and Julio shared a bottle of crackling rosie down by the schoolyard. Perhaps that was after Julio’s bar mitzvah.

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But apparently everyone can outclass you…

A banner day over at Faux…they achieved the Tantaros-Rivera-Kennedy stupidity sammich.

Also too: Brain bleach is on sale.


Thanks a lot. The idea of that sammich is about to make me barf, whether I picture it sexually or culinarily!

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Seriously, is Fox News throwing out so much insane BS that they just want us to go “OK, fuck it, I give up, I’m not even going to respond!”

That’s my man OG Rivers you are disrespecting.

Did Media Matters give up the Fox news beat or something? We are getting flooded with these Idiot on Fox Said Something Idiotic stories today/week/month.

Yeah, Geraldo…because all hip hop song lyrics are true and all other story telling songs are fictional. (e.g. “Frankie & Johnnie”, “Mack the Knife”.

Egotesticle basterd.

Se parece que este cabron quiere ser un tigre. Un vato loco. Un chulito.

Creo que en todo lado hay gente como este payaso (Rivera)–gente que hablan como conocen la vida en la calle. Pero, curiosamente, solamente tienen habito de practicar la jactancia en un sitio fuera de peligro como FOX “news”-- o al frente de un grupo de personas con ninguna experiencia con pobreza, con la Lucha, con la pelea para la justicia, etc.

Y este cabroncito bien sabe que ningun tipo en el mundo de FOX “news” tiene la capacidad de IMAGINAR la calle.
O preguntarlo, especificamente.

It is so sad to see someone in the public eye for so long be so craven and needy, you can see the desperation to stay relevant wafting off of him. His kid is right, he should be embarrased.

Well I am not much of a hip hop fan, but most of the young people (20 to 40) I know who are white, are huge fans. I think it crosses all races and nationalities, so Geraldo is full of shite

[quote=“emilianoelmexicano, post:17, topic:17006, full:true”]
Se parece que este cabron quiere ser un tigre. Un vato loco. Un chulito.

Believe it or not, he was in his very early days, a pretty good reporter and covered some good stories and was quite a lefty in his views. Who knows where this guy stands on anything as he is nothing more than an opportunist just like most of the folks at Fox.